Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cartoons and kids

Today with easy available of cartoon channels kids has good time pass from studying stress and in between going to school, but every kids are only watch cartoons is what not, because of spreading cinema and it related programs they caught by attention. I was to read some views on metro plus about cartoons and kids. Everyone had some positive things to tell like cartoon develop kids knowledge on history, culture, mythology… and makes them learn more and remember what they learnt, there vocabulary improves and a lot and also negative things like violent cartoon scenes changes their mind and behavior and general things like affecting the vision. There are many good cartoons that liked without age difference for example Tom and Jerry, Donald duck, Popeye but these happen to be older and rare to watch them these days.

Cartoons do a quite works for home kids, where parents get relief for sometime in care taking them. Today cartoon channels have been present in all languages, and it also solves the language problem to kids. My uncle’s one year kid in one in this category, where he loves to watch cartoons and his favorite is Bumba on Chutti Tv. He just lies down in his bed and starts to laugh and enjoy watching. When making to know what was there in this program to interest him, it has become one of my favorite shows now. Another thing that makes interest me to watching cartoon channel is the information that explains the history, scientific experience and life time of scientist and different cultures in understand method. When I try to convince my cousins to know some specific programs on cartoon channels, they replay me these are bore and need some movie, songs.

Those days the only cartoon interest us was the Moogly, it would be telecasted on Sunday morning in Doordharshan and another one was super Heman Samurai on every Thursday evening. When leaving to 6th we brought the cable channels and it has 24 hours of Cartoon channel and later after leaving school me and bro have to spend some times on watching and never understand what they talk and just find the story as it moves, but today there was no language problem and with good English, kids pickup easily. Except the cartoon, there are some other children’s channel like Pogo and Jetix. The Jetix have the more violence action programs and also little glam I feel. Where the actions were taken by children into practice with their mates, I visible them directly through by cousins when they use that actions in between the kindle fights with others. The elders have to aware them what is good to take and what to leave; I realize there is many to learn from cartoon channels and cute things to admire.

A fun video of Bumba


Anonymous said...

That looks entertaining and interesting for kids.

gP said...

Oh God, cartoons! I loved cartoons, they dont make like they used too. Somehow I hate Chutti TV nanba...the dubbing is not to my liking. Some of the voices there are rude.

Keshi said...

I love some Lion King and Jungle Book. Ren n Stimpy and He-Man were also my favs :)


ViJaY said...

Really gud post boss... Btw, chutti tv is one of ma favorites... It takes us back to the age of children... And btw, if u find time, visit ma blog too... Thanks for the same...

kalai said...

I just love cartoons. My most favourite one is Tom & Jerry. Bcoz of me my parents became addict to it. I always love to watch Godzilla, Jackie, Men in Black, etc., in Chutti. Even now i will watch... My brother always tells me that u r not a kid.

Jeevan said...

Priya – for sure.

GP – at least it helps to understand for me bro. it visualize the science world that we hear only as words. I like only cute and comedy cartoons.

Keshi – I too like Jungle Book dear.

Vijay – Thank you boss :) there was a music program Galatha Kacheary by school students is a fun watching, I don’t know its still played in chutti tv.

Kalai – mine is also Tom & Jerry. Its like Gounda mani senthil comedy :) Thank you buddy.