Saturday, November 03, 2007

Its Chennai 3.11pm today

Update at 3:11pm. My picture has been published here at 3:11pm gallery. but the details haven`t published, so i write it here : "This is greenery empty land opposite to my apartment in Thirvanmiyur, Rajaji Nagar. After the recent rain this place has been reside by many species… it has a snake and two three mongoose that were visible sometimes back."

It’s neither raining outside nor sun shining brighter, having afternoon sleep or moving with television or shopping for diwali wherever you stay by 3.11PM today (3rd Oct.) just take you camera or even you mobile cam click a snap of the movement if you where in Chennai. Our Chennai is one oldest city in India, that even wake in nights, always busily moving, somewhere something happening all the time to talk, know. Now its 3.11pm campaign to see and save the varies places, movements of Chennai for not any great worthy cause, but not for waste. I came to know it supports The Schools for India project.

It must be a great idea to get know the different scenes of city through pictures and an photo enthusiastic I looking to visibly the Chennai at every corner. Let me see how my time and movements go by 3.11pm. Join in this program and share the movement too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeevan,

Nice photo!

Voracious Blog Reader

kalai said...

wat??? snake & mongoose...

dis remains me abot a film (a mongoose saving a child from a snake) which i saw in my childhood....take care buddy....

nice one friend...

tulipspeaks said...

interesting project.. hmm..

advance Deepavali wishes, jeevan.


Keshi said...


Interesting project indeedz!

btw u will like my today's post :)


starry said...

Happy Deepavali Jeevan.Nice pic everything looks so green.

Jeevan said...

VBR – Thank you.

Kalai – yes their was a cobra in that greenery, so we have to be careful. Thanks you friend and for the care :)

Ammu – I am also in deepavali mood dear. let we all have fun….. Thanks :)

Keshi – Thank you so much for the Deepavali wishes keshi. Same to you :) that’s friendship know to understand what are the post I would like. I smiled see your pics dear.

Starry – Thank you buddy. Happy deepavali too :)