Monday, November 12, 2007

(De)lighting deepavali

I am back to routine life from the mood in festival of lights. I hope every one had a wonderful celebration around the time of deepavali. I felt that I am the only in celebrate mood on festival in interest at my family, other were in differently occupied there interest. Some where was on search of getting tickets for first show in diwali release movies; some busy in buying DVD at low price in diwali sale. Where else the sound of crackers heard before and after and on diwali day, the skies were open to flow of colorful fireworks from all sides. Where in suburbs the celebration was more than city, they started from onwards. Just wondering whom would be waked this time to burst crackers, but they do. It was early morning we planed to take bath, but anyway it was only after 7am to get ready, wearing new clothes, watching television from morning to late afternoon, having special dish after worshiping. A day before diwali I went to beach with dad, picking my cousin at there place, a crowd less time in beach, where little sight of fireworks, girls and to maintain like with out watching them when being with cou sis and some physically challengers find there time spending.

By afternoon I received by cousin brother whom I looking forward, he bust crackers where I watch. In my apartment there was no space doing for fireworks, filled with cars and not easily going surrounding, we were to leave for my uncle’s place in neelankarai (a suburb). I wished now that I was there… really it was around beautiful times full of colors flowing without leaving a minute gap of fireworks flashing on the sky. A highly rich area, very bungalow residents leaving the sky outs fireworks continuously. There we join with uncle and cousins, we happily enjoyed with firecrackers and don’t want to miss the colors and on my wish we stayed till restricted time of 10. The much waited of the celebration was on next day we call it nombu. It was small get together of my own family; the very happier time was getting my grandpa and ma on this day, it was great to have dinner along with every one.

Like how I had fun, the same I was boredom on Saturday, completer silent from cracker sounds, television and no mood looking at papers; but did to find some thing related to diwali. It was solace report there were limited pollution on noise and smoke, where the sound was kept below 76 decibel from the maximum of 126 decibel allowed. I feel the trend is changing from bombs to fancy fireworks that bring colors lights in night, in cities the sounds where less, but in suburb there is limitless enjoying on fireworks. Weekend have some relatives to home, to share sweets and smiles. There were many plans dropped to spend in holidays and what my wheelchair did was helpful, I could move on my own inside the enjoyment free from many other stresses. Thanks a lot to all who wished me, surprised me in cards, calling, wording. Below are some pics from festival:

check this link, if flash not works.


Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

dear jeevan,
glad to read that u enjoyed your deepavali.fine.but the colorful photos are less in number.expecting more beautiful photos.
karthik amma

Priya said...

Pictures are just sparkling with colors and glad you had a wonderful Diwali.

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

now i can see dazzling colors.first time when i read your post, i could not see it.' "WONDERFUL" "

Keshi said...

bright happy sparkling pics Jeevan TY!


Vinesh said...

hope you had a great day!
these days, not just deepavali, but all festivals are celebrated in front of tv watching cinemastars :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice to know Jeevan that you had a wonderful Diwali & your wonderful celebrations....The shots are also just wonderful!

tulipspeaks said...

glad u enjoyed the festival!


gP said...

wonderful Deepavali nanba. Loved the shots of the crackers. Have a nice time!

kalai said...

iam very happy dat u enjoyed well... dats brilliant shots Jeevan. really superb. yesterday i cant view it entirely. but 2day i enjoyed all shots....

"I feel the trend is changing from bombs to fancy fireworks that bring colors lights in night"

this is absolutely true buddy.. me & my bro used to go upstairs & loved to watch all night works by chatting...its fun...

i think dis time crackers sales was not that much good as previous year. people concentrating in clothes, jewels, sweets, etc...

Jeevan said...

Ponniyinselvan – Thank you so much ma. Sorry for that little disturbance in post the pics. Hope u had a nice time too :)

Happy birthday to bro.

Priya – Thank you buddy.

Keshi – Thanks dear! hope u have nice celebrations on that day.

Vinesh – yes I had buddy, I wish you too have good celebration. True, just every time watching the film based program on the screen, we miss from so many good things happening around.

Kalyan – Thank a lot buddy. It was very beautiful read of the festival of lights at your blog!!

Ammu –Thank you :)

GP – Thank you nanba, glad to know your celebration at ur home :)

Kalai – Thank you so much friend. we had three days of watching the fireworks at evening and nights, when watching one side there was another at behind, superb.

Yes, many fire accidents happened this year and lack of employees are main reasons for this. This time what we brought from Subiksha from seeing the ad of getting crackers in low cost, dint played well.