Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ice House

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Originally uploaded by Jeevan Kumar
On a rainy day, glowing old ice house
in nightfall, the home of philosophical hero
looks majestic on shore of bay of Bengal
first time silently watching the heritage house

Originally rose in color was golden yellow in nights,
merchant from united state’s, for first time
brought ice from abroad, shelter for months
inside this all-round glass house

Designed by Ice King, was renamed
as Castle Kernan, which served
as shelter for poor and backward children.
In great welcome, the hero offered to exist
and errand his knowledge in campaign
to restore India to pristine glory, later
returning from western world

On centenary year to honor the hero,
the government named after him, and
there it set up a permanent exhibition
on national culture and history of Vivekandar


Keshi said...

Very interesting post Jeevan.. I didnt know abt this one b4.



kalai said...

wonderful work friend... excellent words...

me 2 dont know abot this b4...

dis is really a nice message to us...

Vinesh said...

i didn't know that the ICE KING built this :-)

Alok said...

I loved the way u packaged this ... absolutely amazing


Anonymous said...

Very interesting post....

Jeevan said...

Keshi – Thank you dear.

Kalai – Thank you u so much friend.

Vinesh – Thanks buddy :)

Alok – glad u get time to visit our blogs :) Thank you

Thooya – Thank you!

gP said...

very nice. Love reading the descriptions and lines.