Monday, March 01, 2021

Can Poverty Be Eradicated?

I pondered over the thought of eliminating poverty the other night of sleeplessness and how politicians swear to abolish poverty from society on every platform they get to shout. I turned to sleep, but the thought haunted me to be wakeful, and I think, not so deep or the element didn't allow me to break as if it made of a coco de mer shell, there isn't a gingelly gap to infiltrate the poverty out of the society.

We can't say when and where it all began, and it's inevitable, and we have to live with poverty as an infinite part of the world. Like in a seesaw, if one goes up, the other comes down automatically, and if one becomes affluent and the one less possessed comes down the line of equality. Though we can't consider it as poverty, this could be stepping down the process to push one to the poverty line. The reason for poverty could be plenty, and I'm not complaining or protesting that none should become affluent, but all wealth stored under particular leaderships denies the right of people in need.

I think poverty cannot eradicate as long as there are more and more ups and downs in society. In the way, rich become richer, poverty advances to a stage of the same. So, the thing that needs to change is to create more opportunities for the poor to lift themselves the way they needed. And either poverty is removed or not, we need to make sure that no one dies of starvation.


Tom said...'s a noble thought, but little is done to change things.

bill burke said...

I think there will always be poverty. The people in charge love the power and money is their god. Until people step up and demand change, I think it will stay the same. I hope I'm wrong.
Have a wondeful week, Jeevan.

Anita said...

Well said Jeevan.Totally agree with you

Lady Fi said...

I believe that there IS enough to go around... if only the haves would share with the have-nots.

Radical political change is needed!

carol l mckenna said...

Heavy thinking ~ it is a noble thought ~ balance is always difficult ~ hoping for the best in the world ~ Happy Week to you.

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

George said...

I found this post to be very thought-provoking. Society has been trying to eliminate poverty for ages -- obviously without success. But we need to keep trying to provide opportunities for those who need them most.

Destination Infinity said...

Eliminating poverty is difficult during our lifetimes, but the state can ensure that at least the basic necessities are provided to people in need.

Destination Infinity

Nancy Chan said...

We can help to reduce poverty but I think it is not easy to totally eradicate poverty.

Nancy Chan said...

I think it is not easy to totally eradicate poverty.