Thursday, February 25, 2021

Neighbor’s Rebuilt Garden and Flowers

The neighbor, from the opposite side, has rebuilt his garden damaged in the cyclone and monsoon. I count this house and garden as one of the unchanging faces of our neighborhood. The home dwellers are always the ones who prioritize their privacy and never socialize with others easily.  As neighbors, for about 40 years, we aren't well aware of either world. Perhaps, because we aren't in touch with them for 12 years, as we relocated from 2005 - 2018, but I don't think they would be socialized even if we continued face to face. 
The view of the house shot from the 3rd floor of our house (by my mom) and the garden view was blocked by the Indian tulip tree before the flood and rain.

Due to the rise of the road, the house and the garden went down, though they raised the driveway, long back, the garden remained to the low level.

The house belongs to a 94-year-old retired wing commander, and he maintained the garden until he was active, and later his son took over the onus. I see he inherited the interest in gardening from his father, and he even overtakes his father in bringing a lot of flowering plants to the garden. The Nivar cyclone that hit us on Nov 26th (the same day of my brother’s wedding) had flooded their house and garden, and the extended rain had further worsened the situation.

I think it's the passion that kept him in the recovery mode of the garden, and man, no one would have spent like him in bringing back the garden when the situation for priorities are different. He had dumped many truckloads of rubble and fertile soil to uplift the garden and the works were going on for weeks before he got back his beautiful garden.

I watched the entire progress of the work from the balcony and also the hall, as our door and the window opens up overlooking the garden; I entertained by the elegant work of the gardeners from the nursery in the next compound. I saw the fall and rise of the garden, and I'm glad he decided to give life to the garden instead of giving up.

After leveling the ground, the instant turf laid at the center of the garden, and many tiny plants were laid around and across the lawn beautifully.  In between this, he bought many plants, as he used to, and continue to do; he replanted them in the new and old pots and neatly arranged them in the front of the garden and close to the gate and along the driveway. I see people stop by the gate and fence to look at the plants, thinking he has kept the nursery.

He has planted different kinds of hibiscus in the pots he had kept close to the fence, and it allows me to look at the flowers and take photos in the camera. As I have only a point-and-shoot camera, I have limited zoom length to capture the flowers at a distance of 20-30 feet doesn't get me fair pictures of the flowers, but still, I feel content with the result of details.

I see different colors of flowers every day, but they last only up to a day, and the next day there's another. I don't know how long they continue to bloom, but I keep an eye on them and take photos whenever I see them bloom. And these are some of the photos I shot on different days after rebuilt of the garden. I wish I could continue to take more photos of the plants and flowers to share here as long it blooms or exists. 


Tom said...

...we also have neighbors who keep to themselves! it's nice to see the hibiscus.

ashok said...

You have used your zoom to good effect:) nice to have a green neighbour!

carol l mckenna said...

I think you are doing well with photographing this garden that is beautiful and so well developed ~ Lovely photos ~ Happy Weekend to you,

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

George said...

It's nice that you have this beautiful garden to admire from your own house. You can enjoy the beauty without having to do the work. You got some nice pictures of the blossoms.

bill burke said...

The neighbor has a nice and extensive garden. You'll get lots of photo opps.

kestrel said...

Your neighbour has beautiful hibiscus in different colours. Unfortunately these flowers only last for one day after the flower is fully open. By evening, they wilt and look wasted. I used to have many hibiscus in different colours too but gave up cos even though they are beautiful.

eileeninmd said...


The garden and flowers look beautiful. Your neighbor has a beautiful home. I am looking forward to seeing the spring blooms here. Take care, have a great day!

Rose said...

It is sad to have neighbors for that long that are distant, but that is what we have here, too, for the most part. When we first moved here, almost everyone was neighborly, and visited.

The flowers would be fun to watch. Our hibiscus is not the tropical ones like these, but ours bloom till very late in the fall.

Nancy Chan said...

How nice to be able to look out and see all those beautiful flowers. Your neighbour has invested in money and time to make this garden so beautiful. Some neighbours are very private but some are very sociable and sometime nosey.

Joyful said...

Your neighbours have a lovely home and garden. It's nice you can see different flowers every day and enjoy them. It tells me the son is a knowledgeable gardener because there will always be different blooms. I know it's expensive to have a big garden and to buy all the things that go into making a garden so pretty. I love flowers myself and it's so nice to look at them during growing season. I can't imagine what your family went through when on the day of your brother's wedding there was a big cyclone.

Anita said...

You live in a beautiful place Jeevan😊

L. D. said...

Beautiful flowers.