Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Life - Saroja

Yea it’s my life, is this is my life
Yes this is my life; I want a reason to be strong
Just tune to music….

This is a song promoting the upcoming release of Saroja, the one I was looking after the impress created by the Chennai-28. From all commercial typical, direct Venkat Prabhu comes with what exist from his mind that flows like uttering stream. It’s a first attempt in Tamil a song completely using the English verses and scores in western number. The song feels familiar, but it sounds different in voice of Tanvi whose expressions are enough to be aptitude. Cool video, enjoy.


Vishesh said...

nice song :)

Sameera Ansari said...

Never heard this song.When I read the title,I thought you were talking about the love of your life :P

Anonymous said...

This one is a lovely one...I'm hearing quite a refreshing piece of melody after a long time...really music has no boundaries.

Kavi said...

Cant quite seem to place the song ! While am all for progress, creativity and new thought processes, i cant place some. Like this one !

Marutham said...

HI Jeevan
Nice song indeed!
And ... I have resumed blogging... :)

ViJaY said...

hey ya.. I too heard this song.. Really different one indeed.. And i also liked Dosth bada dosth... Also check out for Taxi taxi song in the movie Chakkarakatti.. Different song..

Keshi said...

lovely song!


Meghna said...

Nvr heard of it befr....I thought jst like Sameera too LOL!

BTW, wer r u nowadazz?? Still travelling??
Wazzuupp Jeevan bro??

krystyna said...

Really cool video,
thank you Jeevan for sharing!

Always best to you!

Shiva said...

Hat's if to their courage and these noval attemps. Thanks for sharing Jeevan

Keshi said...

where r u? :)


di.di said...

Hey there, sorry for not keeping up to your blog as much as I wish I could. Almost all of the entries are new to me.

anyway, nice video..