Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Expansionist Meme

Was tagged by Vishesh. Something different.

Please thoughtfully consider the following, and choose one item for each of the categories below. (Be sure to describe your reasons for choosing)

* One religious work from a non-familiar tradition you’ll read:
I read whatever interest me and wanted to be. And there is no space for religious

*One music video-that you like-from your “least likely to listen to’ genre:
countless the list…. But the one in recent is Uyirile En Uyirile… from Vellitherai, I like to listen the melody but not the video.

* A book from a genre you almost never read, that you have read, or you will read (promise!):
I come across many books earlier and my introduction to books are very little. The one am looking forward to catch is the Progressive version in Art of Living.

* Somewhere you’d never thought to go on holiday/vacation, and why it might be fun to go there?
Brazil. For the amazing Amazon, Rio de Janeiro and carnival festival.

* A specific food you’ve never tried, but will because of this meme, honest!:
So much, except from familiar South Indian dishes. Have seen the paani puri stalls somewhere around, but never thought to taste, but should do one day.

* A sport or game you really hate, or haven’t tried yet, but are willing to give one more go:
I hate much hanging on the single most game Cricket. In my childhood I tried more games with friends, but still very touched is the Gilli danda. In our street back, we sight more elders to us play this game and have listen to mom saying her experience playing this game with her siblings.

* A style of dance you probably won’t try (we won’t make you promise on this one):
If I became a dancer I will answer.

* A career job you don’t feel you’re suited for, and why:
IT professional, I don’t like just fall into this ditch and I won’t because am not educated to it.. If am not abnormal, I would choose the agriculture is best.

* An item that’s “thinking out of the box’ for this meme that hadn’t been included:
A bright shining star, what world see it in wonder.

a question: what will you do if we send you to the place you wanted and tell you to play?
I play until I get bored or tired.

* If there’s one thing in life you wanted to do, and will do because of this meme, what will it be?

Farming! It’s becoming the sinner part of our lives and it reflects dim faces on us and what is behind price rise.

People interested can do the tag on there own pleasure. Thank you.


Vishesh said...

really a honest tag :) GBU :)

Kavi said...

Honest & neat. Got to know you better !

Shuuro said...

paani puri is tasty, you should try it someday but be careful with hygiene at these stalls.

Keshi said...

Ur honesty shows in ur answers Jeevan.

Farming? wow! :)


Anonymous said...

Now this is one of the most interesting tags I have read in a long time...the other aspect of our life beautifully portrayed...we hardly make this aspect public but just hide in our heart to fulfill it one day...I will do wish atleast you savour the pani-puri, I think you are going to like it....loved your down-to-earth answers.

Shiva said...

Rio and Agriculture - i liked the best

Nicely done Jeevan

Jeevan said...

Vishesh – Thank you vishesh :)

Kavi – Thank you buddy :)

Shuuro – yes, must think before heading :) Thanks for the advice.

Keshi – Thanks so much dear :)

Kalyan – Glad it feel interesting and u liked. Thank you buddy :)

Shiva – Thanks so much :)

Resonator said...

very interesting and thoughtful answers..
liked your replies on agriculture and farming which is diminishing towards near future..

happy blogging

Alok said...



Sameera Ansari said...

That was a different and mature tag.Nice answers!