Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Save the valued

The series problem presently we face is the petrol and diesel inadequacy in fuel stations throughout Chennai and suburbs. ‘It’s a temporary lack because of the delay of tanker ship to arrive’, the companies complain to customers. ‘I stay in line for more than 3 hours and our requested liters are not filled; what they ask is great price which doubles the amount for a liter’, public voice. I don’t know whether the lack has lasted before ever that too throughout a city and its surroundings at a time? After the price rise of fuel by central govt. thereupon the ordinary petrol are unavailable in many fuel stations and only premium are forced as burden upon then heads. Today and yesterday city sighted the vehicles standing for a long row which extends along the roads for getting petrol and diesel, and the heavy traffic jams everywhere took hours to clear.

What we have to realize now is how important the fuel are and to learn to make reduce them and avoid unnecessary use of vehicles. I wonder now, how much liters of gasoline must been released into atmosphere everyday and just a day of inadequate makes big trouble in peoples life. Thinking about what’s important to the current life and not to waste unnecessarily what are to save for our future. Just coming out of person, the three important things what everything is depending within are the Water, Fuel and Electricity. Because without these three, life faces big setback and there is no life to survive. The nature has given more than enough, just not for us alone, for every life on the earth. How much do we care on saving electricity? By saving it we not only reduce our monthly electric bill but also the shortage can be adjustable and it avoids wastage of energy which produce heat.

There are some what money can’t buy and the intelligent and awareness brings more for our life from nature. One on the line is solar energy and wind energy which brings electricity from the natures given. Solar water heater is a very useful tool to bear electricity, which takes more energy to heat water. Recently I felt it pleasure bathing on this water, something like that I have taken sun bath. Not more warm and cool. In our cities we rarely see those heaters on terrace and the more aware on using it must bring front, and after just feeling that I wish to fix the solar heater to enjoy the pleasure.

What are we wasting today is like the water stored in our pot, as we take tumblers of water it begin to reduce and once tumbler hit the pot over’s all. Fuel is what like our pot of water, which is a limited existence on earth. How could it be ones it void earth ? What we seen in development struck then. The only other option in use is to produce more Biofuels thought agriculture and plantation which needs water, the important sources and a different subjects according to states and countries. So the things are related within three. Water to Live, Fuel to Transportation and Electricity to operate multi electronic systems, that’s mean to move life more easier and pleasurable.

The current critic that something makes the central govt. to walk on knife is the Indo-US nuclear deal. I need to express, that political entry on protesting of often electric shortcut needed to be thought why it happens, if it was like this then, what about the future. Where do we go and hang for electricity. Those oppose the deal have some own party manifesto, but how could it be a national policy and to enter its interest on need. I see there is some control and restrictions on making this Indo-US agreement, looking into future India should be clear before going ahead that in any way it not affects our self protection and it does nothing with defense secret, the main reason for this deal is to use nuclear for civil use alone.


Vishesh said...

nice one :) it is reminder for us all to follow what we already know...i think if we supply fuel to the trucks which carry good alone it is enough...oh and the planes and ships...why use for domestic purpose/ :P

Dawn said...

Nice thoughtful topic I must say as it is the current affairs :)
Good job dear

Anonymous said...

very thoughtful post and very well put..I do think its a wake up call for others now

Priya said...

Nice awareness post about fuel.

Annie Wicking said...

Thank you Jeevan for making us see this is a world problem and not just a small problem.

Best wishes my dear friend.


Shiva said...

Yes Jeevan,

Like you said awareness is key and we should start using alternate fuel - solar, biogas etc..

Reva should gain momentum.

More than everything improved public transport will reduce the vehicle traffic..

Much needed thoughts

Anonymous said...

Awareness ... tht wht is required


Keshi said...

Jeevan I admire ur passion for raising awareness in the most needed areas.

Well done!


Jeeves said...

Well said. We also need alternate public transport system to tackle these issues

Jeevan said...

Vishesh – There must be a control in vehicle population and everyone should realize the important of fuel, these situations teach us this. Thanks for sharing :)

Dawn – Thanks dear, hope you work on the next book is coming well :)

Lakshmi – Thank you buddy :)

Priya – Thank you.

Annie – Thanks for sharing dear. The importance only realized through these situations.

Shiva – yes, the nature has so much for us, but we are not using it properly. The planning in advance is safe for today and tomorrow. Like some other countries, India should also encourage people to turn on eco-friendly vehicles such as the reva. Thanks shiva.
Alok – yes buddy.

Keshi – Thanks keshi.

Jeeves – and more people have to use them in if possible avoiding their own vehicle.

Resonator said...

Jeevan...Awareness at the right moment and its high time to go for alternative eco-friendly sources...good post ya!! good thought!!

thanks for sharing friend

Happy blogging

Ps:addin u in my blogroll..hope u dont mind:) thanks

Sameera Ansari said...

That was so thought-provoking.

Keep up the good work!