Thursday, August 09, 2012

விலகிடு உயிரை / Depart my life

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உயிரே என்  உயிரே
என்னுள் நீ எங்கே?
தேடினேன்  காணவில்லை;
ஆனாலும் விலகிடு
இரவு  விடியும்  முன்.

போதும் இந்த துயரம்;
படுத்தும் உறங்கவில்லை
புரண்டும் படுக்கவில்லை
உயிரே  விலகிடு
வலிகள் ஏதுமின்றி

என் நிழலே
என்னை சோதிக்கிறது;
குழம்பினேன் இரவில்
நிழலா இருளா என
விலகிடு உயிரை இருளில்.

பகலில்  புன்னகை
இரவினில் வெறுமனே
வியந்து நின்றது நெஞ்சம்;
விலகிடு உயிரை
நிலவில்லா நேரம் பார்த்து.

Translation in English follows:

My beloved life
where’re you in me
I searched like missing;
however depart me
the night before the dawn.

Enough the grief;
I slept without slumber
I laid without turnover
depart my life
without any pain.

My shadow
checking me;
I puzzled at night
over darken and shadow
depart my life, in darkness.

The smile of the day
just bare at night
the heart stumbled to stay;
depart my life
while there’s no moon.


ashok said...

well written...prefer the Tamil version though!

TexWisGirl said...

very sad.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful piece of writing!

Simran said...

Reading you is always a Delight! :)

monsoon dreams said...

are u okay,jeevan?

Ponniyinselvan said...

enna pulavare ,hallo
i am fainting.superb .

Ramya Ranganathan said...

a great piece!! hope this one is just a casual write up !

eden said...

Beautifully written and a sad poem..

Jeevan said...

Thanks for all your praise... it little comforts me.
Yes, I’m fine... but as few of you doubt, I wrote this poem on a phase of deep distress and sorrow!
Which has becomes a part of my life more these days.

Kalyan said...

lovely words... poignant & heart-touching!

Anonymous said...

manathai urukugirathu

Anonymous said...

Painful, poignant and very "authentic" poem. All that I can do is sympathise!

And it requires very special skills to write a verse in a language and also translate it into another without stripping it of the impact. You have done that, and I congratulate you on the same :)