Saturday, December 01, 2012

December – The fascinating month

The December derives many a things to cherish; esp. the December cold is the favorable time of the year, where the Chennai infamous for its hot weather experience a sensation of cold, the dew dawn is remarkable throughout this month and beyond. During this time, the mind craves to wake up early to experience the free of cost air condition from the worldwide winter season and to be in Chennai or any other place this month cheers the warmth inside blanket, where we never want to get out of it ;)

I wish to travel a lot during this month and the dew dawn is never refreshing like anything esp. for me and if there’s a choice I will choose this month to explore places on surface and even breathing the tremble cold of hill stations. There are few travels I took during this month are most fascinating in my rides and my first time to Valparai in Dec 2008, near Kovai or Coimbatore is rejuvenating even thinking now and almost riding around the pristine mountains and stunning country sides of Pollachi and Erode is evergreen.
One December evening
One pleasant evening of December, near Kanyakumari 
Last year on the same month, I was around the southern tip of India –Kanyakumari, enjoying the simple stay and travel among the wind energies and roaring rock waves with settings of sun and nip in the air were appreciably. On our way back, climbing the Sirumalai (Small Hill – which isn’t very small like the name refers) on the Natham-Dindigul main road is fascinated by its quite tranquility and rich in small banana plantation, the cold wind will enforce you to hold embrace even there was bright flash of sunlight and the couple of villages or colonies as they mention there inhabited to horseback packed products grows around the hills.

The December has something distinct feature as fragrance, stretching both the wings of hot and cold and the real odor of it could be experienced only in villages, while they produce smokes in evening to warmth as well driving away the mosquitoes that breed mostly in this month or season, after rain. The cow dung smell was something enrich during this time, where most of the houses are swish swashed to cow dung sprayed on the courtyard before drawing a beautiful Rangoli or Kolam (a design created by using flour) to flourish their homes, which is a tradition followed esp. during the Tamil month of Margazhi – which begins at the middle of December.

The music and dance has been great conjoin to December, where many a concerts and dance festivals hold everywhere across Chennai, I have no idea about the vibes it creates, but hope it has something wonderful, only those passionate about could express right. Overall, the December has an enchanting climate unlike any other month or season; I too believe each season/month has its own essence to cherish; the December has a distinct sky with glorious setting of sun, which I well observed during my Kanyakumari visit.


TexWisGirl said...

it sounds like a great month full of crisp air, sights and smells. i like december in texas, too, as we don't get the brutal winters of the northern areas.

Magia da Inês said...

♫♫° ·.

Bom fim de semana!
✿ ¸.•°✿⊱╮

Rajesh said...

I agree with you December is a nice month to travel around.

Vetirmagal said...

Very true Jeevan. December in South India is lovely. Not too cold, dont seat and sun is simply warm and not hot. In Hyderabad too it is lovely to go out and shop , you do not feel the heat, and not tired too.

And it is a good month to travel. But due to the holidays and the Sabarimala, the new year rush , one does not get advance reservations, and the crowds are a big deterrent.

Good pictures too. Thanks for sharing.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

What a wonderful tribute to December. You have a great blog Jeevan :) I would love to become a new follower.

eden said...

Such a beautiful sunset! Love the composition of the photo. I love December in the Phils but here weather in December is so unpredictable.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot!

What a lyrical post about the joys of December. Over her, December means snow and cold and Christmas.

Devilish Angel said...

Nice pics...December gives lazy and dreamy mood...

Kalyan said...

Indeed it is...winter is one of my fav seasons and with all the festivities and holidays around December, to me this is the best month of the year.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Brilliant post, Jeevan. I so love the winters and here they are! Even in a place like Bombay, it brings a certain charm!

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

southern parts of India is more hotter than north. But December to January, the temperature becomes low in night and morning. It is nice experience too me. Interesting and nice post

thanks jeevan

Destination Infinity said...

I find the months of November and February better. I can't stand too cold or too hot!

Destination Infinity

Meoww said...

Dec used to be our favorite month to travel around India. You make me remember and feel the tingly cold of Bangalore during this time. Lovely sunset shot!

But right now, i am frozen in -4C

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

The good old days where I used to put kolams filling the whole street were really good.Sweet days.