Sunday, December 30, 2012

கடல் - கவிதை விமர்சனம் / Poetic review

மீண்டும் மீண்டும் மூழ்க தூண்டும்  'கடல்
'நெஞ்சிக்குள்ள'  என்னமோ வசியம்  செஞ்ஜோ
மூங்கில் தோட்டம், மூலிகை வாசம்'
மனம்மெல்லாம் வீசும்
இதுபோதும் எனக்கு இதுபோதுமே'  

கரைதட்டிய  கப்பல், ஈர்பது போலே
இந்த 'கடல்' விரித்த வலையில்
விழுந்த 'என்னஎங்கே கூட்டி போற'
அடியே... அடியே…’
என்ன எங்கே நீ கூட்டி போற'.

இந்த கடல் அரிப்பு, இதமா
புல் மிது  பணிந்த பனி போல்
பரவசமா, 'சித்திரை நிலாநிழல்
கடலில் வந்து விழுந்தாடும்
விதம், அழகுக்கு ஓர் இலக்கணம்.

இதுபோதும் எனக்கு இதுபோதுமே
வேறென்ன வேணும் 'கடல்' போதுமே 

Inductive to sink recurrently into ‘sea’
playing something philter ‘into heart’;
‘bamboo garden, herbal fragrance’
winds allover the heart
‘it’s enough for me, and it is enough.’

Like the ship tapped aground, attracts
on the expanded sea web
trapped me, ‘where are u taking along?’
‘Hey… Sea…’
‘Where are you taking me?’

The itching of the ‘sea’ warms
or of the dew on the grasses
rapture, the ‘May moon’ shadow
fall and dance into the ocean
was, literary beautiful.

This is enough for me, and it is enough.’
What else I need more, than the ‘sea’?


The poem was inspired by the 'Kadal' songs: Kadal (Sea) is a Tamil film directed by ace director Mani Rathnam and music by the Oscar winner AR.Rahman.  The words I brought into the quotation marks are derived from the song lyrics, almost the first line. The songs of Kadal drive me quite merrily under pleasure and I’m listening to it every day and before heading to bed, it causes some comfort and peace to heart. 


ashok said...

very nice!

Devilish Angel said...


Destination Infinity said...

Need to listen to the songs of this movie. What do you think about the recent private album released by A R Rehman? I didn't like that single that much.

Destination Infinity

Anita said...

My dear Jeevan!♥..•*¨*★ ☆.love☆¸¸.•♥May all your dreams come true♥..•*¨*★ ☆.love☆¸¸.•♥Sending all my good energy to you and wish you a great 2013♥..•*¨*★ ☆.love☆¸¸.•♥Love anitaxxx

Jeevan said...

DI: Yes, I watched that video and I liked the composition of the video, but no comment on AR music.
Kadal deserves listening!

ANITA: Thanks so much for the wishes and love, dear friend! Wishing you too all the best in the upcoming year and beyond. :)

Elsie Amata said...

Gorgeous. The sea is my favorite place.

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Very peaceful and serene. Have a Happy New Year my friend :)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Gorgeous, Jeevan... I love to be at the beach --and sleep listening to the sound of the waves crashing the shore... SO peaceful!!!!

Happy New Year.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I have a dear friend who is hooked to Kadal and its music! :-)

eden said...

Beautiful poem!