Saturday, November 26, 2005

10 Tag

Visithra Tag's me

Here is mine

10 Favorites:

Season: Spring (light cool and light hot)
Sports: Tennis
Time: Early Morning
Month: January
Actor: Vijay
Actress: Trisha
Ice cream: Vanilla
Food: Green rice
Drink: Complane
Place: Chennai

9 Currents

Feeling: very happy.
O/S: Window XP.
Windows open: Beautiful Island.
Drink: nothing.
Time: 3.04pm.
Mobile used: I have no mobile.
Show on TV: India vs. South Africa cricket.
Thought: really interesting tag.
Cloth: Shirt and shorts.

8 First

First nick: Jeeva
First kiss: from mom
First crush: **** my class met.
First computer: Win98, Pentium3.
First Vehicle: Cycle.
First Job: Ad Typiest (anna sumbalamma tharala, amathitan.)
First Movie: Anjali, (I think).
First pet: Mani, street dog.
First shave: 1 year back.

7 Lasts:

Chai (tea): I don’t like tea.
Movie: Gajini.
I drove: 7 years back (cycle).
Shaved: last month.
Website visited: Visithra’s (to see the method of tag).
Software installed: Windows media player 10.
Pill I had: for cold.

6 Have you evers:

Broken the law: in my school days, (currently no).
Been drunk: no
Climbed a tree: no memory (nayabakam illai).
Kissed someone you didn’t know: change the question.
Been in the Middle/close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast: when burst crackers on Diwali.
Broken anyone’s heart: my mom’s, (for not obeying her words sometime:(, not every time).

5 Things:

You can hear right now: a television sound.
On your computer table: Headphone, Magazine, Tamil-English dictionary and a floppy disk.
On your bed: pillow, Cell phone charger (my brother’s cell), and Kumutham (tamil magazine).
You ate today: sambar rice (lunch).
In mind: If I dint start this blog, will I be happy?

4 places you have been today:


3 people you can tell anything to


2 choices

Black or White: Black
Hot or cold: cold

1 thing you want to do before you die.

Want to do some thing for India, to become a Developed Nation.

I like to Tag Jo and Awakeningcoma


radiantbear said...

hey Jeevan,

Cool tag da, Vatsan tagged me I also will be doing it pretty soon.

and its definetly black da..:)


Jo said...

Jeevans, posted mine. :-)

Anonymous said...

Jeevan i was thinking that asin will be there in your actress. but thrisha. enna achu ungaluku????

Jeevan said...

Nanyaar? – Thanks da. Like to see, how is your tag.

Jeevan said...

Jo – Your tag is very nice

Jeevan said...

Prasanna – really I am a Fan Trisha, but I like Asin.

Visithra said...

awww nice one ;)

if you hadn;t blogged we would have never known ya ;)

so we shall thank ;)

Jeevan said...

Visithra - thanks friend. you are right, me thank for

monu said...

that was a sweet post!

Jeevan said...

monu - Thanks friend.

Kuntal Joisher said...

pretty neat. I am going to put one of these on my blog too!

Jeevan said...

kunsjoi - Thanks friend. i will check you blog.