Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sania on Hot Seat

My favorite Sania Mirza is appeared on KBC 2(Kon Banay Ga Karore Pati ) on Sunday 13th November at with Ex- Miss Universe Lara Dutta. You can watch it on Vijay TV and Star world. I am not sure how much they ended up winning, but knowing these brilliant women, we would not expect a small amount. Their winnings will generously go to the widows of the Indian Air Force personnel. They are in KBc-2 to enthrall us with strength, beauty, and their brains.

The charitable trusts that Sania supports, and works with two organizations. The first one being Concern India, works for the cause of the under-privileged children and women. The other organization, Sach stands for Save a Child's Heart. This organisation works for children under the age of one year, and suffer with heart problems.

The charitable organization Lara supports is called Mission Udan. It works for special children who are physically and mentally challenged. It also works for the cause of widows of Air Force pilots.

I am Glad to see my favorite Sania on the Hot seat. I also have many plans on TV tomorrow, Morning at 11.00am Visu Win Arratai Arangam to see the Kids Speech. At 11.30am See ‘Air-force’ 1 on KTV. And at 4.00pm watching Boss movie, you can ask me what is their in that movie, really I like National love movies, this movie has some interesting Fight scenes.


Today Evening I went out with my Family. First we went to Thiruvanmiur to see location for new ground floor house to buy (because It was difficult for me to walk on steps, currently we are living on 1st Floor). Then we went to Woodlands Drive-in and have some foods and then went to Merina Beach and spent some times seeing sight scenes and watching the children’s playing Skating on the new skating ground. And then came to Besanth Nagar Beach, and see some gal’s with there boy friends and some guys with there friends, and return to home and write this post. I think I will go to Majaa next Saturday.

Wish you all a Happy Weekend.


radiantbear said...

hurrraaaaaaaay!! I am the first to comment a great fan of Sania myself. Jeevan ure blog is now like a newwebsite to me.. Coz i dint know KBC part2 had

good post!


Anonymous said...

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awakeningcoma said...

i hope u enjoyed ur weekend nicely,
what happened to the joke

Jagan said...

cool da ..beach ah da ..ensoi pannu da.

Visithra said...

Hey u had fun at the beach ;) seri nalla jollu vitacha tv paathu?

She looks different here both of them actually - thanks dear for the info n photos - wouldn't have known otherwise ;)

Jeevan said...

nanyaar? - You also a Sania Fan, very nice. Thanks Friend.

Jeevan said...

awakening - Yes I enjoyed the Weekend, the Joke is in my next post, see it.

Jeevan said...

jagan - Seri da. Enjoy pandran. Neum enjoy pannu nanba.

Jeevan said...

Visithra - Yes Friend, I had great fun in beaches. Hum nalla vitachu. It is very nice program; it is entertainment as well as informative. Yes sania and Lara looks different from the films and games.