Friday, January 09, 2009

Abhiyum Naanum

I watched this beautiful movie in drive-in Theater, last evening with my dad. Just before getting tickets, I looked beside a poster of Silambattam. I shook whether they changed the movie, though it wasn’t, but Silambattam is a night show. From the day Abhi… announced, I looked forward how bond it comes on screen. The story is nothing strange; it’s simply collected moments and gesture of life and relationship, esp. between a father and daughter. Prakashraj lived as a father with more love for his daughter Abe and cares blindly and easily could not give up his daughter for any matter. To notice his visage, it carries much emotion and happiness wherever it needs and uncertain moments he lacks and fears to understand in love and care, the practical wishes of his daughter Abe. It’s so funny how well he prepares for getting admission to his daughter for Pre KG and keeping those innocent anger and shock on face to make us laugh. PrakashRaj did an awesome acting, steeling the whole movie, and it feels something when he fondles his child.

For Trisha this is a superior role than just being always a girl to dream. Introducing as school going girl, she proves her extraordinary talent to go along with any character except from being glam heroine. Here the cute Trisha is much loved. The kids replacing childhood Abe are such adorable, and they well acted in there innocent expressions. Ravi Shastry is a good selection, his dialogue delivery is simple superb, where he introduction as beggar is funny, but he touches hearts at being attached to the family. Jogi (Ganesh Venkataram) haves a hunk look. The dialogues talked in Hindi or Punjabi is hidden without giving meanings to those unknown language. And the reasons told to describe Jogi’s family is not inspiring or touching, in trisha’s lack of expression. The entry of Punjabi families in second half derives entertainment to more rattle. The two Punjabi kids come just like that and makes silent laugh at back. Alike mozhi, Abhi… has comedy within track, as it moves us to smile not separately. Manobala, like flashing lights, passes silly commentary on the way even at some serious situation to cool.

First, must salute director Radhamohan for not taking care about the commercial items to gives us what really exist. Without many arties, it seems clear with more space to breathe fresh breeze around. The environment is best suited for a pleasant story, where we chill around Ooty and Munnar backdrop. The camera captures some heavenly places and the song Ore Oru Oorile and Pachai kaatre is evident. The distance between PrakashRaj and trisha in relationship felt us, how well there emotions going to be expressed even in distress. At end they make us realizes that every women is someone’s daughter, thus make solace Prakashraj to think mature. Since Aishwariya acts like a similar responsible mother, who supports her daughter where to tight and lose the rope. At moment to think, self is the only thing remains and no one is belonging to none. Ones we get to practice the separation, life will always be beautiful.


Kavi said...

I am looking forward to catch this movie shortly..i have been hearing quite a lot about this film

thanks for adding fuel to the fire !!


Priya said...

Never knew about this movie. Thanks for sharing Jeevan.

Ramyah said...

I have been waiting for this movie and your beautiful review has added to my desire to watch the father-daughter bond which is rarely captured on celluloid. Thanks for the review jeevan.

Ramyah said...

I have been waiting for this movie and your beautiful review has added to my desire to watch the father-daughter bond which is rarely captured on celluloid. Thanks for the review jeevan.

Devika Jyothi said...

Movies take a back seat when it comes to my love of art, Jeevan

I do see selected movies that totally fit my taste..but haven't seen these new faces...The last I saw was Anbe Sivam :)

anyway, its always nice to read you, dear


Annie Wicking said...

How I wish I could watch it myself, Jeevan.

I love to read your insight into your world. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Best wishes, ((Hugs))


Resonator said...

nice waiting to watch this movie..

happy blogging

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

//..//..once we get to practice the separation ..//..//
somethings can never be learnt or practised.
no, highly impossible.

Jeeves said...

Nice review.

krystyna said...

Your beautiful review provokes me to looking for this movie.
How true - no one is belonging to none. Even kids.

Have a great Sunday!

Keshi said...

I so wanna see this now!


Vishesh said...

ha,I want to see this one...