Monday, January 19, 2009

A village to remind

Paddy field
The Pongal holidays happens to be like memorable and revisiting memories. The first two days spent mostly on watching television, and next day I thought to get out somewhere, with no idea where to go and in fear of Kaanum pongal crowd. Suddenly mom got the idea of visiting kottamedu - my grandpa’s sister village, away from Thiruporur and just 50km from Chennai. First I don’t liked her idea and said quite no, but when she pulled grandpa I can’t tell anything then, so that he could get the chance of meeting his loved ones and siblings on this occasion of pongal, those would gather usually. It’s something like after ten years, I visiting my favorite place as childhood, roamed immensely around happily. Those are the days we could stable for a week or more in the village and enjoy going to fields’ everyday, playing in pump set water and canals, having palm fruits, tender water, and mangoes and getting into forest to pick cashew nuts and fruits… Many things persist and extend to my wonder, but life that does not remain same these years, resist me getting there.

We reached there home for lunch. Even they build a terrace home, they continue to live in that old red tiled roof house. I wonder to see that house continue to be stronger and constant immortal. Behind the house, there is a big backyard remains stable for cattle and to drought grains, in middle of the house, there is a rain and sun visiting open space. Being inconvenience I can’t get inside there house, rejecting many invites by relatives, I stayed within vehicle. After sometime we decided to go to field. It was the main intention of my visit, and long time wish. Those are the ways we used to wander to fields and fun rides on the bullet bike with uncle are just reminds driving through the half-road take us to fields. I managed to reach the limited distance on my wheels, even thought I can’t get to specific place where pump set, well remains, I got to see the green fields, listening to varies bird sounds and sharing grandpa’s stories and thinking those tender memories. There left only ridges and moreover around grown paddy green fields.
Cute calf

Red tiled roof village home Bulls cart

The times we visit to this village, we used to watch movies on cinema shed. It usually supposed to be a night show and alike comes in movies, there are two options to seat. One is on mud floor and the other is sitting on stool. On the movies I watched, I could only remember the movie title Puthu Vasantham. It would be more fun, when our uncle was alive. We used to roaming behind him, and he take us around the village in his bullet and yamaha explorer in velocity. About riding in the stretch between the village and the Thiruporur town then is one of a scary thing, because of its very darkness with either side of forests. It was late in evening when we return, remembers me the fear. Those are days, never gets back and only remains through memories.

M village visit
Me, Grandpa and cousin


Vishesh said...

the photos arent loading :)

Kavi said...

Hey..that was both a moving and incicive account. Village life is something that a city dweller like me can cherish. I remember going to my fathers village many years ago and staying there as a child..!

Those were real fun times. And pongal there is always special !

Thanks for sharing

Jeeves said...

Cute photos. Looks like you had good fun

krystyna said...

Thank you dear Jeevan for sharing
your memories. It reminded me my childhood, my grandparents and beauty of village.
I like to see your beautiful photos. These are sooo beautiful.

It is always nice to visit you!
Take care!

Miladysa said...

A poignant post Jeevan.

I love your photo tours - through your landscape and life :D

I noticed the red horns on the cattle - are these painted?

Devika Jyothi said...

I loved reading the village life, and seeing the photos...

so simple and lively,
bringing scenes from my own memories live...

Loved reading it, dear


Dawn said...

Happy Pongal dear - am sure you must have had a great time with your grandpa ...I always admired the village life where no one is in hurry and people value people :)
Take care

Jeevan said...

Vishesh – oh that bad! I feel sorry about that, but I dint face that problem.

Kavi – I feel the real pongal celebrations are in only villages. Thanks buddy :)

Jeeves – Thank you :)

Krystyna – Thanks so much dear. Glad to know from you and it reminds your days.

Miladysa – yes, those are painted horns just to decorate the Bulls for Pongal celebration :) Thank you dear, so nice to hear from u.

Devika – Thanks dear, hope u enjoy the post and pictures :)

Dawn – yes, I love spending and sharing times with my grandpa. I feel villagers’ values the survival, without them we can’t live. Thanks :)

Resonator said...

wow!! beautiful...

Shuuro said...

nice that your mom took the initiative, otherwise you wouldn't have such beautiful pictures, wonderful experience and blog post to share with us. :)

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

// Those are days, never gets back and only remains through memories.//

exactly.even i used to enjoy the pumpset , motor, paddyfields etc.
Now, just memories. hm.

ashok said...

luv the calf foto...gud one

Premyscakes said...

this reminds me of my mothers village . i felt happy to see those pics taken in the village.

balaji said...

Hi... My grandpa's house is also there in kottamedu... my grandpa's name is deventhiran... and my aunt's home is also there in the pillayar koil street.

Dhivy said...

I am residng in Kottamedu! the one commented above is my cousin and ofcourse my mom is her aunt!!! We had all the experience that u mentioned above... especially, the cinema shed!!! where v saw Lucky man :) missing those wonderful days!!!