Monday, January 05, 2009

Sunday Beach

It was a lovely Sunday evening with my grandparents and uncle’s kids visited the nearest seashore. I want to take my grandparents out often, they never go anywhere and special for my grandpa, because of his health condition and getting weaker in earlier I thought it would be break for him from sitting all alone in home. The kid sachin who disliked coming to beach with us, after getting there he started to sing I love beach and I want more… everyone left near water expect me and grandpa, and we were discussing about my traveling. I like to share some pictures here:
dad, maya, grandma, sachin and dharshine

Sachin want to stamp in water.
Crab IMG_1420
A small crab, Sun sets


Resonator said...

hi brother..lovely pics..tats nice to be with grandparents n spending time for them...nice ya..guess maya is excited..:)

Vishesh said...


Kavi said...

Seems like a super fun time !! And i sure think the young ones are super excited !

Vetirmagal said...

beautiful pictures.

the child's smile .. so cute.

whose dog is that? Is he too posing?


Lakshmi said...

Its a great bonding with family..Have a wonderful year Jeevan . Happy New Year to you

Jeeves said...

Looks like you had wonderful time.

Devika Jyothi said...

Nice photos, Jeevan..

first time here, via Jeeves :)

Wish you a Happy New Year, Jeevan...just read your profile, dear..

all my regards,

krystyna said...

I like so much your wonderful pics!
Sometimes pics are worth more than words.

Thanks dear Jeevan!

krystyna said...

All pics are great,
my fav. is #1.
I wonder what Schin is thinking about?

First time I see grown Maya.
I think you never regret that she is with you.

Priya said...

Nice pictures and Maya looks beautiful.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Great pictures Jeevan. Nothing like going out to the beach to watch the sunset, eh?

Jeevan said...

Resonator – yes, maya was excited as well fear to go near water. Thank you sister :)

Vishesh - :)

Kavi – yes, of course they are! Thank you

Vetrimagal – it was maya, our pet! Thanks you. nice having you here after sometime :)

Lakshmi – Thank you dear, hope u have a wonderful year ahead too :)

Jeeves – certainly. Thank you.

Devika – Welcome!, and so nice having you here dear :) Thanks and Same to you. Happy New Year.

Krystyna – Thanks so much dear friend. He was so excite and happy to be there. Maya have grown, as well in her naughty and pretty :)

Priya – Thank you.

Rakesh – of course buddy :) Thanks

Miladysa said...

Most enjoyable :D

Vetirmagal said...

Maya is so cute. We too had dogs for twenty five years. Our Simba dies till last November. It was heartwrenching to part with him.

We decided not to have any more pets. Now we have five cats in our compound who have moved in after Simba's exit!.

We have no heart to say no.. so ours is a cat house now, and the mild to loud screaming of cats can be had during breakfast, lunch and dinner time! Other times they wander off in the colony. My daughtr calsl them " beggar cats"!