Saturday, January 03, 2009

A view and wish

my wishes

I am still in thought of counting how many months have passed on and could not feel certainly the year have ended. I truly miss the spirit of New Year begins, when everyone celebrating the night with dreams and wishes I was sluggish and felt asleep in cold fever. I really struggle to get over the laziness and return to normal after experiencing the different environment and feeling surprise. I am back from traveling on Monday night, but felt lonely when leaving everyone at there place and these days thinking about the pleasant experience in week journey couldn’t let me out. Ever plans never gone perfect, though I carry some disappointment and it wasn’t the only thing to think in dream travelling. My travel through this 7th heaven terrain is new and never visited, but felt like well known though incomplete. I need some more time to explore the heavenly places in-around Valparai and Pollachi again in next chance. Even though I make it calm and forbearance traveling what I think exist’ isn’t exactly, but I learnt lessons for my future traveling. I realize how helpful people are; even strange enough each others. Anyhow no one is like how we think about, it’s only our thoughts to distinguish once we begin to share, we became too closer and harder to distance.

Soon we planned traveling I get to thought about a friendly driver, who could drive to my comfort. Raja anna, who was part of my past travels comes to mind easily, at our first meet itself we developed a good relationship as brothers. Gladly it was Christmas holyday for him; so he took off from his drive to school bus and joins our fun ride. It’s a pending preplan waited for my cousins’ vacation and the climate I chose is winter, but surprising its all untouched sunny days giving way to cold atmosphere and the blue sky to give a perfect background to pictures. For what I chose visiting valparai is after the state monsoons, so the nature could be at its best in green. Exactly it’s the best time for visiting Valparai, but somehow the mist hides to my disappointment, and cold in its surface sense pleasant what is compared to England’s weather. Throughout the years it receives rain at any moment, but the weather is enjoyable however. Our traveling happens in and around dams and falls with thick forest to stories of animal strikes, but we were so eager sighting any animals to only see some elephants and Lion tailed monkeys in distance.

Thanks so much for your dear wishes and travelogue blogs that helps in traveling. I hope u all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration. Will read your blogs soon, take care.


Jeeves said...

What a beautiful picture. Happy New Year

Vishesh said...

I haven't been to Valpari yet...nice pic :)

Kavi said...

valparai is one my favourite places. Havent been there many times..but the 100 odd hairpin bends that you need to take to get there..still stays fresh in my mind..!!

thanks for sharing

Sameera Ansari said...

Happy New Year dear :)

God Bless You!

gP said...

happy new year nanba,

welcome back. trust you had a great time, cant wait for the pics :)

another dream came true, isnt the world a beautiful place :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...


My wishes for a happy and prosperous new year which I hope brings you the very best!

I have heard so much about Valparai from a friend of mine who used to be a resident when his Father was part of HLL. I believe it is a very serene place with some of the mest locales one can get the eyes on!



Jeevan said...

Jeeves – Thank you and same to you :)

Vishesh – Thank you :)

Kavi – countable is 40 hairpin bends, but certainly there could be more... Thank you buddy!

Sameera – Thanks a lot dear, hope u had a wonderful time :)

GP – Thanks nanba :) sure I post pictures soon. very true and I agree with you.

Rakesh – Thank u so much friend! Yes, it was an awesome place, with more serene and pleasurable weather. Cheers :)

Lakshmi said...

I would like to go to Valparai..happy new year

krystyna said...

Could you forgive me Jeevan that I stole this your wonderful pic and put it on my place?