Friday, January 30, 2009

For a change

I never give importance to appearance, but I like to be simple and good looking when it comes. I searched and worked for hours to give a change to my blog page and finale unsettle with nothing then to allow upgrade my template. It’s like having butter in hand to seek ghee! I am much satisfied and comfort with the new look, and creating my own header. Its really wonder, how long have I blinked without knowledge of HTML codes and this is one makes everything easier. So glad that I able to replace my sidebar with no more difference, and being so nice to save the old template codes in notepad, that I could be turn back at anytime in case. In recent, I receive comments that one of our buddy can’t see the pictures, so I though this change could turn something.

Life was tough this week without my power wheels and has been ceased from free movements. It was suppose to move, but it resist to turn right on Sunday, so left to service and still they are making it right. Only we miss something, the need increase and get to realize the importance of things. The lack bothers these days, increase the strain of parents, except movement on caliper. What exclusion seems an escape in facing challenges? Today went to a diagnostic center to take a hip-joint X-ray in advice of my therapist to clear his uncertain. From there went to uncle’s workshop-with home to take my sis along to Elliot beach and on the way joins my dad’s childhood friend. We spent an hour or some on the shore and drew to Hot Point restaurant to have some supper and left home.


Shuuro said...

nice work jeevan. looks neat!. very true, we value things most when we miss them.

Priya said...

Good work Jeevan and nice header image.

Ravi said...

Jeevan, this template certainly looks better than the previous ones and is also pleasing for the eyes!

krystyna said...

Your old template was very nice, I liked it.
This new is better and nicer, because it is doing with your invention and with your heart and experiments.
I like your header, it is adequate with your title. This white bridge looks perfect.
Great job, Jeevan!

Take care, dear Jeevan!
Hope your X-ray and others things will be ok. I wish you only the best!

Jeeves said...

Nice template. Simple, neat and clean. Take care.

Jeevan said...

Shuuro – Thank you buddy, its stress for other with my wheels.

Priya – Thank you

Ravi – Thanks, been long time seen you here :) hope ur doing fine.

Krystyna – glad you liked either ones dear; it’s nice working for our own taste. Thanks so much :)

Jeeves – Thank you :)

Sameera Ansari said...

Good work on the header buddy!

Hope the power wheels are ok now,and that the x-ray was normal.

Take care dear.