Monday, June 07, 2010

Children’s park – a visit

play with elephant
Visiting children’s park in guindy, Chennai, made me wonder had we entered a Lovers Park instead? So were the lovers sitting everywhere so closely in a way of disturbing others. The places ones tied with animals were tied by lovers and no where they seem to express shy or pause watched by visitors, as if they where familiar to this place and viewers.
he enjoys climbing
(mom and sachin - he like climbing)
Similar to beach lovers, those take shelter under scorching sunlight in mid marina beach goes here on benches and shadows. Whatever they think in mind and immerse, and there attitude might be seems mindless. Don’t they aware where they have entering and what type of attitude they should maintain in place where children come in large with families?

Children’s park is a place we could spent in leisure looking around caged animals and birds, and taking shelter from summer heat under the shadows of immense tress and it’s a treat for children those looking for huge play area. Been vacation time for children then, there’s enough crowd stretching in and out, and there isn’t much difference in its existence from the days visited the park as a part of school excursion throughout primary.
indian crane,
(Indian crane sarus)
I always want to visit the park, but time came few weeks before to wander the park after several years. A narrow road leads inside the park, keeping beside the green garden and numerous trees apart the cages; we leisurely started to move inside and visiting the spotted deer, birds and snakes. The deer’s were standing out of focus within the cage, and while moving to another stage a smart girl just cherished the moment alike a passing cloud that drizzle. That’s something sweet stays in mind while she says bye anna (bro).

A cousin went ahead returned to say there’s sea lions and I just amazed to think it could be perhaps neer nai (water dog) – which we later came to know as river otter. It’s really amazing to see those couple still exist – I’m not sure these are those survives from then - and joyously playing in water and land and displaying a nice entertainment to viewers. Its fun how they chase the crows and the sound which is similar to cat’s meow.
River otter
About: “River otter is a carnivorous marine animal belongs to the ‘mustelidae’ family of weasels. River otters are protected in some wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala, India and it is familiar to the natives of Kerala by the informal term ‘neer nai’ in Malayalam language. River otters are excellent swimmers and there soft under fur and long guard hair helps them from getting wet, while swimming. They have long slim bodies with short limbs and many of them can swim at an average speed of seven miles per hour. They are three to four feet long and usually weigh 15 to 25 pounds at an average.
follow me
River otter diets are mainly fishes, crabs, frogs, plus crayfish, shellfishes, snakes and snails. They choose frequently varying habitats like lakes and ponds, but usually live in marshes and along wooded rivers and streams. The main threats to river otters are water pollution and habitat destruction.”

The cage where ones a lonely cheetah laid lazily were occupied by wild dogs and the situation seems unchanged better. One was sleeping inside the den and others were lying around the empty pool and one was roaming inside the cage, checking out visitors.
poor hyena
There was this poor hyena, lying inside the cage just like without life. There was no sign that it survives except a deep gaze at its least breath movement.

Mom and dad following us everywhere, caring the big shopper- which has our lunch and water can that rapidly decrease. They leave us to check the cages and stays away in shadows and moves in eyesight distance before halt for lunch. There’s nothing interesting like watching the huge pelicans at touching distance, there were two huge pale pink pelican made me wonder how long could there wings stretch and these birds remember when they last stretched there wings in air! There were many curved beak ibis grazing like the hens in farms and villages freely inside the cage.
There’s one Indian crane ‘sarus’, in red head and long neck, and standing tall in all flying birds. Thought the white herons in curves are much beautiful..
Nice, it wasn’t muddy everywhere except the play area, where many kids sliding, swinging and climbing. The wheels doesn’t experience struggle thought there are many ups and down to drive carefully. There are big deer’s resting under the leaves of coconut shelter and I could see some vibrations on their bodies reflecting what is unknown. Next to the deer’s were our national bird peacocks. The bird in robin blue looks majestic and strikes me since sighted. The flow of feathers of a sitting peacock on a tree in blue green is a wonderful pattern looks similar to women’s silk pallu (the outer ornate end of a sari) that fall behind.
national bird
I remember once seeing a white peacock spreading its feathers to dance in this children’s park and so far I haven’t see such a sight. Children’s park is a part of Guindy national park, probably the smallest national park in the country. The then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru allotted a portion of the Guindy forest as a park for children and it was handed over to the forest department in 1958 and the entire forest area was declared as Guindy national park in 1978.

While relaxing after having lunch and waiting for our uncle’s family to join, we saw a spotted deer freely grazing around us and seeing the deer, some kids comes in near excite to touch and stand by deer for snaps. Amazing the deer wasn’t scare or causes any restrain of seeing people and thus it seems it’s grazing for very long time around the park along a male deer, which we saw later near the parking area with antler.
A spotted deer spotted in children's park
The big banyan tree at the end of the park holds the shed of elephant that ones exist here, and it is where most of the lovers taken retain shoulder to shoulder around the tree. Just like the place is reserved for them. Keeping away the views and motion, we come across the blackbucks in back and sandal-white. They looked lovely in there fur, and white around there eyes, the female buck are very showy in their skin. The black buck are said to be the fastest running deer in all and male deer has twisted horns – where one or two were in unshaped perhaps due to fight, and what’s notable in all was the cute small buck, sitting innocently taking shelter with cousins.
I’m surprise to see barking deer there, which I somehow searching for and looked to see at anaimalai in western ghat, and it just looks like mouse deer and what special is, it has four horns in forehead. There were plenty of parrots and variety of birds in couple of cages, and ahead was the big slider that continues to entertain children for very long time and I could hear the children’s loud of joy while sliding the way. Just turn me the way I enjoyed the slide in fear.

Before leaving the park, I come across the later on developed garden with pathway to enjoy the greenery and cool drizzle that comes from the sprinkler – where the lovely rainbow existing through. But somehow I couldn’t capture the thing as my cam stops clicking due to lens error. Over all to say it was a nice day visiting our favorite childhood entertainment park and hiding from rising temperature then. Thank u!
cute buck


starry said...

Love all the pictures of the childrens park and the description.Yes there is a place for everything , people do forget.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Brilliant pictures Jeevan! I enjoy visiting such parks, unfortunately I've been to very few of them so far!

Kavi said...

Brilliant pictures ! Keep them coming !

Deepak Acharya said...

After reading this post, now I feel like a child :)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful park. It is nice to see so many animals and birds in the children park.

Urmi said...

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you for all your lovely and sweet comments and also regularly visiting my blogs.
Oh! what a brilliant post. I have been to this Guindy park which is very nice place to visit but never taken any pictures. You have described very beautifully with excellent pictures. I liked the Hyena very much as well as the white herons and the sweet little otter. This is one of your best post. Keep it up!

myonlyphoto said...

Oh Jeevan this is excellent post about your park trip. Lovers??? lol, we have those sometimes too, I guess they just so self-centered that they don't care - its too bad. BTW I would love to see park like that, so many nice animals to view. Thanks for sharing your footage, and btw thanks so much for commenting on my blog, and thank you for Matthew's wishes, I will give him hugs and kisses. Thanks again. Anna :)

Jeevan said...

Starry – People should behave with sense. Thanks for sharing.

Rakesh – Thanks buddy. I saw a picture of the ooty children’s park flooded in rain, hope it wasn’t worst there. Take care.
Kavi – Thank you

Deepak – glad my post made u feeling like that :) Thank u

rajesh – Thank you. guindy children’s park is very popular in Chennai and it’s a big patch of greenery within the city.

babli – Thank you babli, glad that u could view this post, like I was expecting u. who won’t like a interesting blogs like yours, its not alone interesting but also let knowing the wonders around the world. Keep ur services going :)

anna –here even police drive them away and warn to maintain discipline they never listen, so as they are unconscious in there love. Sorry I couldn’t wish matthew on his birthday and he’s one smart boy I haven’t seen. Thank you anna, have a great weekend with matthew. hugs