Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Love in flower

Love is a beautiful flower
like a peace tower
Love is a delighted flower
like life under shower
Love is an enchanting flower
like we receive power
Love is a blooming flower
like we’re for each other

Love has symbol as flower
like heart hung for lover
Love is a kind flower
like a kiss from her
Love is a warm bonfire
like the weather we bond each other
Love is a whispering rose bud
like lovers utter in silence

Love is an essence in flower
like heart plays a concern
Love is a season to flower
like blossom between lovers

p.s. it’s been a while I blogged regularly and there’re few things I could say about not blogging, but what I deserve these days is not less than anything more. It’s been vacation time for schools and cousins are off to home to spend there holidays and its one important thing that keep me away from blogging. One of my cousin ashwin stayed along with me throughout his vacation and helped a lot taking care of my little needs and being a passionate gamer, he couldn’t leave me pc so easily and I couldn’t press him more in love and affection we share. He’s a very sweet boy and annoy at same time, and being fragile I didn’t show him any sign of disappointment and sometime I think there’s no other better way of showing back the deed he done in need and reducing my parents little stress.

In between we traveled to some places and tried to hide ourselves from scorching summer and never like before the heat ways are heaver these days. Evenings are very pleasant at same time and we had plenty of chats everyday outside the terrace and there were more fun and understand between us. I used to think why these communication and stable relationship’s were gone ones vacations are over? This is something disturbs me a lot in sharing, that whatever we forgive or exhibit a true love, there mind changes immediately when a pretty offer is stretched. Overall it’s a change I accepted and keeping away the virtual world, reading, thinking and capturing deserve me some knowledge and thinking back about blogging, I’m seeking a refreshing mind to begin newly. I hope to collect my energies and blog regularly. Thanks for your comments in my previous posts and the flower bloomed here is, from one of the rose plants I purchased in yercaud is yet to add more color to my home garden.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Brilliant post! Been a while Jeevan! Hope alls well @ ur end!

Anya said...

So so lovely written :-)
Wonderful poem !!!

Anonymous said...


The poem was innocent, fresh, childlike and conveyed a lot about love others would not convey with a lot of sophistication! :D

But I liked the write-up following it even better. The fact you compromised on your blogging time shows your love. Sometimes all one can do is give - because expecting a return may be like business. You have done it commendably! Now leave the rest to life.

You are a real inspiration for others like me! So, keep going...

Priya said...

A beautiful poem from you again. You have very well carved with your picture.

Kavi said...

Wonderful picture !

Welcome back. Keep the blog going. Enjoy life ! take it at your own speed and liking !


Deepak Acharya said...

What a beautiful flower ! take care my friend :)

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

dear Jeevan,
Yercaud Rose! wonderful.Anything belongs to SALEM will be the most beautiful, like KARTHIK.
karthik amma

Jeevan said...

Rakesh – Thank you and everything is well now.

Anya – Thanks dear :)

Srini – Thank you buddy. many times people are just expecting than accepting.

Priya – Thank you

Kavi – lets see how much could I climb back. Thanks.

Deepak – Thanks buddy.

Ponniyinselvan – so right :)

myonlyphoto said...

Jeevan, sometimes blogging is like therapy, it helps to express yourself. I am glad that you will be blogging more again, and btw this is one beautiful flower accompanied by beautiful poem. Anna :)