Friday, June 11, 2010

disorder, along drongo

black drongo
As mind was thinking something seriously this morning related to the increase in blood sugar, the birds chirping around my place does console my mind as I couldn’t relax easily since received the blood test result two days ago. Just like an end, there’s a beginning, the treatment I go through the pulmonary consolidation is yet to end next month and my X-ray report says the lung fields are clean now. Thus, totally relaxing though, the diabetic that discovered last year has touched 175 in April and showing 185 is now about to increase my anxious.

At earlier I never took serious about this disorder, and only knowing the sign that it increase approximately just put me into serious thoughts. Though I have experience of watching diabetic patients at home via father and grandmother aided with medicine everyday and dad go on walking everyday without fail has put me into discussion within myself. As doctor has advised to keep away sugar completely, and doing exercise regularly and following a diet could maintain the level, I’m uncertain about these issues even though I could live without sugar, doing exercise and on diet, still there’s something disturbing me a lot.

Hence we didn’t consult a diabetes doctor, our general physician has said to avoid certain things as food to prevent from increasing sugar, and I doubt how well my little physical exercise would give hand without walking – not the miles my dad walk. The medicine I’m taking for the last six months to pulmonary consolidation has put me in tired of swallowing tablets and I couldn’t imagine a situation if it happens to swallow tablets my life time, just like my father, grandfather-mother in there older and middle age – where the diabetes rose head usually.

Diabetes is a common disease these days and falling so earlier begins the struggle. It isn’t a great creature to scare me as I have a huge one inside me, but balancing the both could need more ability and strength to fight. Hope I do my best controlling the beasts beside, and score less without loss. Life is precious and we have to face the constitution it has for us to wear.

Keeping away the anxious, disorder and medicine, the weather that prevails here is fabulous and quite drizzling from morning. The clouds has been surrounding Chennai for the last two days, and raining somewhere and drizzling everywhere, the people are pleasantly adequate without the scorching sun and heat. To add pleasant the birds has took visage thinking of evening and I used this chance to feed little birds that come across chirping and settle down on branches.

One such bird is the Black Drongo (Rettai Vaal Kuruvi), I received today morning on the widespread Gulmohar tree opposite to our house (see picture). The bird is an often visitor to this tree and every time I tried to capture, it fly away before I get ready to click. Gladly this time it taking refrain sometime allowed me to capture her beauty in silhouette; though her visage itself black in color and low light in weather, the picture comes out naturally good. I’m happy to capture this moment and thanks to nature, in every way it appears.


Priya said...

Thaz an awesome capture Jeevan.

starry said...

You captured the bird well Jeevan.Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled so don't be too hard on yourself.I do hope you feel better.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Hope you are feeling better now!

And thats a wonderful capture!

Kavi said...

Wonderful picture. Hope things are better with you now...


Anonymous said...

Good capture Jeevan! :) And thanks for the enlightenment too - I did not know black drongo was rettaval kuruvi: was curious when I saw the title of the post. And of course, DO take care! :)

Rajesh said...

Jeevan, the diabetic is also caused by stress. Please do not ponder over the problems. Get yourself involved in some other stuff. I am sure you will be fine soon.

Dawn said...

Dear Jeevan,
I read your post and believe me ...I have seen worst cases not that I have personally gone through but yes seen a 4 year old detected with diabetics and since then I have seen how the mother of that kid restricts him from all b'day parties, cakes and you name it. I always felt bad for the child that how cruel it could be for him to sacrifice as he has just entered in this world. But you know what the mother tells me? She says, dear with all these sacrifices he will live longer to see the beauty of this world that he has entered.

That's a great feeling - it's like telling a blind that keep hope you will get an eye, don't you want to see the beauty with your own eyes.

I have only one thing to say - You are a fighter and in that if you find more things to fight be there...fight it out as no one can do anything in front of your strong will power.
Take that oath, God no matter what the test results come I am going to prove it wrong and I am going to fight it out - no one can just take things away from anyone.
Dear, just follow the best for your body - your soul anyway is a free bird :) keep that mind too!
My best wishes and prayers are with you. Sometimes results and reports may disturb but don't get carried away. Be strong and fight it out we all are there for you.

Dawn said...

:) BTW the picture looks more like a painting :)

You have a great eye!

Anonymous said...

jeevan,i have been reading your blog enteries since 2005 for past 2days like a novel..all i can say is that u r such an inspiration & i am so proud of best wishes for you & may god bless you always..


Jeevan said...

*Thank you Priya

*Thank you Starry. I too hope diabetes could be controlled but the way seems confusing me… though I’m feeling better now.

*Of course Rakesh, Thank you buddy.

*Thanks Kavi !

*Thank you Srini, and nice it was useful to you :)

*You are so right Rajesh! Sure I keep this in mind always. Thank u so much

*Dawn, its very inspiring to read the mother comment and your words are courageous. Once I never think serious about diabetics and hoped even it comes to me I can manage it easily whereas I experience great distress and it could be just a stress, but after discovering it in me and the increment in blood sugar added lot of worries. Thanks dear, hopefully I will try my best and thanks for u r support and encouragement. Cheers !

*Anita thanks so much for your interest to read on my blog. if u don’t mind, r u amutha’s sister, because her sister name was also anita and they are from maaysia.

monsoon dreams said...

dont be so stressed, calm,meditation helps.dont worry about is so common and there are a lot of medicines to control have a bunch of people who love you and pray for, be calm,be happy ,be at peace...