Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dark and light

dark and light
Darkness and light
exchange its face
like day and night

Seasons change
with darkner winter
and brighter summer

The monsoon arrives
with dark clouds
and bright flashes

The day
wake-up to sunlight
sleeps by moonlit

The dark hairs
has its parts of
white grey hairs

Brighter the light
makes vision blind
in present of gleam


ASHOK said...


Eden said...

I agree it is a beautiful photo and nice poem too.

Anya said...

Very well wrtten Jeevan
puurfect and beautiful picture :-)

kalaiselvisblog said...

"The day
wake-up to sunlight
sleeps by moonlit"

nice words & wonderful click...

Jeevan said...

Thank you all and the photo was taken near Hosur on the NH 7, while on way to Bangalore. it was a fantastic sight of exchange of shadows and light falling across the road and hill. This is the place where recently witnessed a herd of elephants crossed the highway.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful poem.

Kalyan said...

Oh WoW...that's a fantastic capture and nice beautiful crafted words to go with...just lovely!