Monday, November 28, 2011

Unfold to rain

Unfold to rain
Behind the window bars it rains
without exhaust, eyes watched the rains
splashed and smashed by dropped to earth

Exuberant, because of rains
wanna experience the expedient rains
that ready to drench at a foot distance

Flash of news on flood to rains
pulled me behind the bars of rains
to push back to evoke rejoice inside

The tides rose to low-pressure and rains
kept away people visiting ashore, except
for the alike-minded to go holding umbrella

The waves rage and rough
and huge, washed ashore the trashes
and sea to send unpleasant scent to smell

Still the drizzle outside soothes
than the heavy rains and sunshine
either trouble people to get struggle.

The photo was shot last evening at our neighborhood beach by me on someone enjoying the rain holding his umbrella and watching the rage waves rushing ashore. The wind was blowing not so well but still the dampness was enjoyable... unlike bad for taking photos. Having steaming peanuts is something pleasure in rain along the KFC chicken popcorn.


Anonymous said...

Rain is aways fun...nice photo jeevan


venuss66 said...

Nice poem and wonderful picture.

Shreya said...

Nice poem, and nice capture :) Rains are always a source of energy and fun :) Enjoy :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I've been very apprehensive about the rains, not having liked them for long now.......and you know whats been happening in Chennai of late.

Rajesh said...

Here is also raining and it has been very cold here since last 3 days.

Urmi said...

I liked the picture very much as it is appropriate with each and every line of the poem.Jeevan, you write so beautifully that I feel you should publish a book.

Kalyan said...

lovely words...nicely crafted lines with a beautiful pic!

kalaiselvisblog said...

so nice buddy... ha.. peanuts with chicken popcorn that 2 KFC... awesome combination...

Eden said...

Beautiful poem and photo.