Friday, November 04, 2005

Balaji and Vatsan met Jeevan

Yesterday Bajaji and Srivatsan met me on my house. At 2.15pm Srivatsan call me, actually I was in computer, my mother took the phone. Vatsan told he would come to my house at 3.00pm. One day Srivatsan told when ever he come near to my area, he will visit my house, I thought he should come through my area so he call me, and conform I am in my house.

I wait for him, but he dint come alone, Balaji came with him. I was waiting a week for balaji. I dint expect his visit, it was very surprise. There are many difference on seeing him on the photo and see him in live. When he come alone, I can’t identify him, when I saw him, I was thinking who is he. I only identified after vatsan introduced him to me. He presented me a Painting set. I can’t imagine, a person will come from U.K. to see me, I think, I should be lucky. He talks very friendly, but u all know about me, I dint talk more, because of my Shy. For me it will take more time to talk with any new person, when I met any body for 3 to 4 time, it will be easy for me to talk. He took me on his camera, and I played some songs on my Keyboard, he also took that.

Balaji and Srivatsan saw some of my Photoshop pictures, they appreciate my work, and advice me to read more, and throw the shyness, come out and see the world. Balaji tell about his family, and ask about my family, he has two children’s. He was very busy for a week, in his busy time he spent some time with me, I should really thank to Balaji and Srivatsan. Balaji is Childhood friend of great Narayanna Venkitu. I should thank Venkitu to introduce me to him. Srivatsan said Jo also like to see me, but Jo has important composing with A.R.Rahman, so he dint come, hope to meet him in future. I heard some songs singed my Jo, his voice is like Jasudhas, I congrats him to come a big singer.

Anyhow it was very fun, it was unforgettable day.


Joke : A man is drinking, he asking his wife: aande kuudavE kadikka Ethaavathu irukkaa?

O! aduththa vitdu naay irukka!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Siddharth said...

hi jeevan..yes narayanan sir is truely a wonderful person..without him i would have never known u!hey u seem quite confident on the phone.yes u should come out and see the world!how was deepavali?

will try and come day after tommrrow :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Nice to see that you had fun. I am glad Balaji/Vatsan met you. And thanks for your kinds words about me.

Balaji is one of my best childhood friends. We've spent all our school/college/early work days together in Perungalathur.

I owe a lot to Balaji for a lot of things in my life!

Siddharth - Thanks for your kind words about me.

Jeevan said...

Siddharth – Yes Narayanan sir is nice person. because of him, my blog getting good response and had many good friends like you.

Deepavali went very well.

You are all most welcome, put a call before u come.:)

Jeevan said...

Venkitu sir – Yes we had great fun. Very happy to meet Balaji and Srivatsan. The words not come from my fingers it came from my heart.
He told about your friendship. All thanks belong to you my friend.

How Deepavali went?

Jo said...

Hey buddy,

Didn't know that you play keyboard! That's cool!

And hey it wasn't to compose songs with A.R. Rahman! :-) I had to meet a person from A.R. Rahman's troup (Narayanan Venkitu sir introduced me to him) and I had to meet him by 4PM at his place. That's why I couldn't come to visit. We will definitely meet in my next visit to Chennai.

Thanks a lot for your comments on my songs.

Visithra said...

now u meet more bloggers than a lot of ppl and u say ure shy? U can't be shy if u have so many friends? Right na? ;)

awakeningcoma said...

jeevan happy tat now ,eet many ppl, come on jeevan throw away ur shyness, they r ur friends, so come on boy

Jeevan said...

Jo – I can play some film songs in Keyboard, that all, am not a proper keyboard player.
All the best, hope u will compose a song with AR one day. Its ok, will meet next time.

Jeevan said...

Visithra – You are right, but in 3 months only I got many friends, before that I dint have a friend, so I dint talk more to new persons, I try to change me.

Jeevan said...

Awakening – Very happy now, sure I will come out of the shy friend.:)

Unknown said...

More bloggers meet :) Nice one Jeevan.

Jeevan said...

Angel - Thanks Friend.:)

Ambi said...

Jeevan! Nice to note that you had a good time with Balaji & Srivatsan

Jeevan said...

Ambi - yes friend, it was a great time.