Sunday, February 22, 2009

Near gateway

Solitary sitting

I feel lonely and happy similarly
listening to calm singing,
to twitters and rustle leaves
to post meridian at peace;
I closed my eyes
and to wind blow my sense
and swung mind to unwind
and gentle sunshine at my gateway .

My feeling was just passing
by listening to myself
what pleasures my heart;
I wonder at the colorful dreams
that awake me on Sundays
to seek passion;
the eyes closed and a sense of
something sweet into my mind
to jingle; its all the odd Sundays
that often remind me
the prettiness and beaches,
the glimpse of unknown faces
and the inspiration behind my interests.


Priya said...

Pretty poem and nicely written.

Devika Jyothi said...

I could feel your heart in these lines, Jeevan

Nice one, dear
full of life spirit..


Shionge said...

This is so beautiful there :) I felt peace & calmness within.

Jeeves said...

Nice poem dear

humanobserver said...

Devika stole my words :)

Truly a lovely poem.

Indrani said...

Nice lines, Jeevan!

Jeevan said...

Thank you dear friends and for ur appreciation :)

krystyna said...

You have a beautiful soul....
you are blessed, Jeevan.

Great, delightful poem
and as always
fantastic photo.
How could you find such original moment?