Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sholayar Rainforest

Sholayar Rainforest
It’s a refreshing morning to wakeup early to sense the moister ambiance and to visible the fog masked mountains. The great energy sprinkles in me like those dews on lawn and flowers, even though little stressed physically in lack of bearing cold. As said before cold was not much though at night, but till sunshine warms, I am unable to hold anything properly. This is something I am experiencing every time more on initial days of my visit to hill stations. It was something consent when the numb skin face the sun light in recharging energy. Our first day plan was to check Athirapally Falls in Kerala, which is about 100km from Valparai. Indeed it’s just a destination I loved to travel in-between dense rainforest! It was such an experience ever in my life travel across a massive rainforest into deep, where mystery dumped forever. The woods covered completely leaving little space to vehicles, where we can’t find anything conceals beside those thick and nearly bush. The SUV strikes those bush and tough hardly ride on that road less. The ghat was narrow and carries many ditches to store liters of water! Though there wasn’t rain in early past and current, so the path visible clearly nor would it have been the worst drive through this uncertain trail – a relative who come along said!
Sholayar Rainforest
On the way we come across Sholayar Dam 1 – 30km away from Valparai, and two check posts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. One need to sign and mark the reason to cross the boarder, because it was highly dense forest and haven to endanger animals, woods and shoals. It was just another dream come true for me, next to Valparai. As we’re unaware about the forest, animals and poisonous insects, we weren’t allowed to wander by my parents. Throughout the way we visible elephants dung on middle of the road and broken branches where provide a sign of elephants just crossed. We peeked far long the way; thought we can’t find any animals including a elephant is a great disappointment. We stopped in between to listen to the strange sounds and twitters the forest provides! The lion tailed monkeys leap across those high woods, by creeping branches to strike and dismantle to turn our attention. From a distance we find something moving on the road, when getting near we were at surprise to find a crab stretching its mass! On the middle of the rainforest, we stopped to sight the Sholayar Dam 2, around thick bush and shoals. This is some place I wish to visit again in future to experience some more to memories. This is a route that is highway, links Kerala and Tamil Nadu. On this stretch not many vehicles are visible, and even the Tamil Nadu state govt. leaves bus only twice – one in morning and evening. To travel on this rainforest is up to our courage and strength – of drivers!
Sholayar Rainforest
The remaining pictures will be updated soon, here and in Flickr.


Priya said...

Your trip to hill stations make me want to go for a trip for sure. Great adventure Jeevan and glad you are enjoying it.

Lakshmi said...

a wonderful travelogue jeevan..u are making me envious :) glad u r having a good time

starry said...

Everything looks so green and beautiful.I want to visit this place some day.Nice pictures and write up.

Shionge said...

What a beautiful day for a walk :D

Indrani said...

Adventure retold so beautifully!

Keshi said...

I wanna be there today! :(


humanobserver said...

You presented this story beautifully. I also saw your photographs in Flicker. They look sharp, neat and clean. :)

Kavi said...

The journey continues i guess !! You are testing my patience of wanting to get there at the earliest

Devika Jyothi said...

I have been to these places, Jeevan..

Yet, reading you was interesting..lovely, and lively photos..

look forwards for more, dear


Dawn said...

WOW! Jeevan another tempting place you have sure you are enjoying the trip and I will say thanks for sharing it here as I may plan to visit India end of this year so I want to visit this place :)

Awesome! cheers dear

tulipspeaks said...

nature never let anyone down :)
beautiful & refreshing!


Jeeves said...

Interesting travelogue and photos. Looks like you have great fun.

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

dear Jeevan,
your description kindles a wish to see these places.Beautiful description.
Best wishes.

Shuuro said...

jeevan there is considerable change in your writing, very nice. when i'm reading your description, i am able to imagine things in front of my eyes.

Vishesh said...


Jeevan said...

Priya – Thanks so much!

Lakshmi – u must do a trip to valparai buddy, Thanks :)

Starry – sure, and its true, because it’s an evergreen rainforest.

Shionge – Thank you, and welcome here :)

Indrani – Thanks. It’s the name I want to check ur blog as it was my grandma’s. Welcome here :)

Keshi – no one will stop u dear :)

Humanobserver – Thanks so much, for being here and there (flickr) :)

Kavi – of course kavi. Glad my post makes u keen to visit! Thank you.

Devika – so nice dear u made up there. Sure there are more to share on my travel. Thank you :)

Dawn – Thank you dear! sure it’s a scenic place and serene nature, am glad if u could possible to visit this place :)

Ammu – True dear. Thanks :)

Jeeves – Thank you :)

Ponniyinselvan – I feel regret, that I can’t make with u along. Hopefully we must visit somewhere together :) Thanks ma.

Shuuro – Thank you buddy, u words encourage me sure :)

Vishesh - :)

Indrani said...

Nice to know that I share your Grandma's name! :)

Sameera Ansari said...

Wow such a beautiful place!Glad you had a good time dear :)

Unknown said...

Jeevan bro... Next month am going with ma frnds can u pls tell me some place like forest trekking and adventure places ? Valparai to athirampalli and wayanad we r planned to go

Anonymous said...

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