Monday, February 09, 2009

Red to me!


Red, sense me the struggle
and how inseparable we are;
it remind my teachers remark
and the pains of wounded;
and those sleepless nights
that reflect in eyes;
and mosquitoes bite
like those drunkards
suck kin blood;
light and heat produce energy
barley without scar;
the pretty girl’s tee
and evening crimson – sun;
the heart pumps blood
the peace and freedom come
after drops of blood
which is red!

This idea was copied from annie’s red poem, where the inspiration raised from Jan Mader’s Kick your senses into gear... This is not arranged, just by thoughts flow. If you’re interested go ahead to share your sense on Red.

The current song from Red, one of my favorite!


Priya said...

Very creative Jeevan. Lovely picture shot.

Jan Mader said...

Your poem is amazing, Jeevan. I'm so happy to have connected with creative people like you.

Like Annie's poem, yours was powerful too. Isn't it amazing what we write when we let our minds go?

Please come back often...I'll come visit you too! Jan

Shuuro said...

very nice jeevan.

Annie Wicking said...

Well done, Jeevan... It's beautiful (((Hugs)))

starry said... the picture and the words.very creative.

Jeeves said...

Very nice one :)

Devika Jyothi said...

This was a pleasant surprise, dear...

Not read much of your verse, good it is :)


humanobserver said...

Perfect both. The flower and the poem :)

Alok said...

i like this Jeevan ... read ur poem after a long time ...


Vishesh said...


Miladysa said...

Nice to read your poetry Jeevan.

The mosquitoe imagery was inspired :D

Lakshmi said...

Imagery in your poem is wonderful..Im not so sure red meant so many things to keep writing

Shionge said...

Hey thank you for visiting my blog :D

Red is an auspicious colour during our Chinese New Year.

Resonator said...

loved the pic!!

happy blogging