Sunday, February 01, 2009

War to peace?

If we tell tamilan, there is a bound. When we tell human, that is immense. Who will kill someone alike us and don’t we sense about the same when one is hurt or killed? In wars we are losing our sense, the nature of being person. What are we taking with us is nothing, and what remain forever is only to practice until mortal. Like how lives are created and what are we destroying is not belong to us, we are only to enjoy. What’s happening in Sri Lanka is well known, the tigers and army are involved in war ever been drastic, causing anxious much to lives and belongings. There is no more distance between TN and SriLanka, but we are unaware about the situation mostly and in bind hands watching the deadly fight, killing most of our innocent civilians, those expecting there rights to be praised. Past is past, nothing can claim justice, more or less taking arms would turn the situation worst, in a narrow path only one vehicle can travel. Either sides never give away, none can pass. This what happening at our neighbor, both sides are armed enough to fight or not, but isn’t right to think about the bare hands?

We, calling tamilan, are a part of India and the only people protest against the war in Srilanka. That was the reason or not for the centre to lack its concentration on the issue, to send its representative for talk after so long of varies protests and hundreds of lives lost. I wonder what the distress the 48 hours of ceasefire going to comfort the situation in Srilanka? It’s completely an eye wash, truly can’t believe the hatred of past is forgiven by the congress government to stretch it arms to stop the war against the tigers, within the innocent civilians. I really felt stupid what the guy MuthukumarMuthukumar did to protest against the war in protecting the Tamilans in srilanka by setting himself on fire. And more its frolic what the political leaders and some actors tribute him as a hero, and his death as a sacrifice to show there support in violence. Does this look fine to those admiring leaders, more than to condemn, praising the act, which is suppose to encourage. Killing hundreds of lives in war, just this one life signifies to those watching and ordering advance in war! How blind some people are, and I am quite against those killing themselves without living the normal life they got. I wish to tell the world please give your wonderful lives to exist, to the fullest, which we disabled to lack and crave living normal.

I see the gate open, but no one is interest or sign to think cross the border to give an attempt to solve the crisis. Just keep on urging the centre by protest procession, hunger strikes and conducting shutter close, why not pressure the invited leaders by Sri Lankan president for a peace talk with tigers and if possible with the government. Instead of indirect talk with center govt., there is a welcome note to converse directly with authorities to express our rights and thoughts to convince the situation comfort. May wish or not, agree or disagree, just we request you leaders to go and save our humanity or sent some representatives who represent u, if you pause of security and comfort. As soon as possible we stop the advance of either sides, would save the remaining lives. There could be a political solution for sure, if the minds accept the truth. For instance Nepal is a country, ones with armed Maoist fight against the monarch to give people the republic, where they leave the weapons and later people chose the maoist to rule. Where the dissimilar between Americans, has witnessed dismiss of color discrimination in hope for a global change. None is less to another, we are created similar with wisdom and heart, and what important is how well we express them. Let peace to remain please.


Shuuro said...

i understand your emotions jeevan, it's very grave situation. But SL govt wont listen to India, particularly at this time, when they are so close to achieving their goals against LTTE.

gP said...

you write very well bro. this line: //I see the gate open, but no one is interest or sign to think cross the border to give an attempt to solve the crisis. // says alot, and means alot.

and also as Shuuro said, i dont think the SL government is being honest about anything. they want to wipe LTTE out, which wont happen. theyre trained in guerrilla warfare, and its like a thorn in the flesh, war frm the jungle wont go away at all. its a sad predicament for the refugees, if any of them are still left by the end of the month or year. sad thing.

Dawn said...

Yes it is tough dear! very sad too! and above all this politics is another cruel monster which plays its role in such a way that people forget who is behind this and runs after common innocent people.
Very nice write up. One can feel the true emotions in it.

Devika Jyothi said...

"In wars we are losing our sense, the nature of being person."

says it all Jeevan :)
again Nice reading, dear

"Colombo: We will destroy LTTE shortly" -- says The Hindu headline..

another war??
safe passages should be the look out...Colombo is seeking that.

But the 48 hour ultimatum says "more" to the international community :)


starry said...

Nobody wins in a war.really sad,very well written post ,can feel your emotions.

Keshi said...

u know my thoughts on this already dun ya Jeevan.

u wrote this post beautifully! Im proud of ya.


Ash said...

Powerfully written!

Jeevan said...

Thanks for your comments and appreciation. I really felt if destruction was the only solution, then we are unfit with lack of intelligent and conscience.