Thursday, December 08, 2005

What happen on December?

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December 8

America, England & Australia announced war on Japan in December 8, 1941.

December 9

Rajaji Birthday.
Poet Milton Birthday.
Chicago’s Richchartsun get rights for Roller Skating instrument on 1884.
50,000 people died for Earthquack in Armenia.

December 10

Famous Carnatic music singer M.S.Subulakshmi memory day.
Scotland Engineer Robert Thomson gets rights for Nemonitic tyer in 1845.
One of the Worlds biggest Dam Asvaan on Neil River opened in 1902.
Nobel Prizes was first given in Aaslo city, 1901.
U.S. President Roosevelt gets Nobel Prize for World peace in 1906.
Rupert Kip Link got Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907.
Mother Theresa get Nobel Prize for World Peace in 1979.

December 11

Famous Tamil Poet Barathiar Birthday.
World’s First Vehicle Museum held in Paris City, 1896.
Nightres oxide (smile gas) first used for pull teethes in 1844.
Italy comes out of leek countries in 1937.
U.N. Starts International Children’s Emergency UNISEF, in 1946.

December 12

Indian capital shifted to Delhi, from Calcutta in 1911.
Rajarathnam pilai Memory Day.
Marrkone Demonstrated the Radio in front of the public in London City, 1896.
Prince Albert Crown as Sixth George King in 1936.
World’s first Motel started in St.Loues Obispo in America, 1925.
Indian Cricket Player Agarkar Birthday.
The New York City Ban, Smoking, on Bars, Restaurants and office in 2002.

December 13

Thiruvannamalai Thebam (lamp).
Right Brothers first plane Hittehock fly in the sky, 1903.
Netherlands Malume Apal Tosman discovered New Zealand in 1642.
Jerusalem, capital tellave changed as Israel Capital.
London railway traffic changed to Electronic system in 1904.

December 14

World Ability (or energy) day.
Sixth George King Birthday, 1895.
Scotland saver Robin Hood died in 1247.
America’s First President, George Washington died in 1799.
Soviet Russia deleted from Leek Countries, 1939.
America sends Mariner-2 Spaceship to Venus in 1962.

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Visithra said...

thanks for the info ;) some interesting info ;)

Jeevan said...

Visithra - Thanks, its my pleasure.

Pandhu said...

December 12th also தலைவர் ரஜினிகாந்த்'s Birthday.

Jeevan said...

reva - Hum, i forget to write it.

Anonymous said...

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