Friday, December 23, 2005

What happens on December?

December 22

Maths Genies Ramanujam Birthday.
Mother Saratha Devi Birthday.

December 23

World Farmers Day
Scientist Jahadesh Chandraboss Memory day.(He proved that like humans, plants also have feeling).
Tsar King first Alexander Birthday, 1777.
Geovainne Kasini discovered Saturn’s Reo Satellite in 1872.
BBC’s Daily News Radio service started in 1922.
Pirteein, Prattein and Chocla discovered Transistor Radio in 1947

December 24

Father E.V.R.A Periyar and former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.G.R memory day.
Farmer Indian Prime Minister Narasimmaraw died, in 2004.
Portugal malume and sea inspector Vascodagama memory day.
Soviet Russia’s spaceship Luna landed in 3 moons.

December 25

Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee birthday.
Freedom fighter Mathan Mohan Malaviya birthday.
Rajaji memory day
Egypt President Anvar Sathath Birthday
Famous Comedy actor Charley Chaplin died in1918
Mikail korpasaave sworn as Japan’s emperor in 1926

December 26

Tsunami attack’s 15 countries, 3 lakh people have been died, including16,000 people died in India, in 2004.
Charles Babage discovered Computer in 1792
Chinese captain Ma Sa Tung Birthday, 1893
Mare Curie and Piare Curie discovered Radium in 1898.

December 27

World bank started in 1945.
Founder of dog bite medicine Louie Pastor birthday, 1822.
First train track was put in England, 1825.
Soviet Russia invaded on Afghanistan, 1979.
After 40 years the democratic rule begin in Spain, 1978.

December 28

Famous Hollywood actor Densil Washington Birthday, 1954.
Builder of Eiffel Tower, Kastave Eiffel died, 1923.
Sun Yatsen elected as President of Republic China, 1911.
Women’s give permission for putting Vote in England, 1918.

December 29

Discoverer of Vulcanizing method, Charles Good Year Birthday, 1800.
Cubic water discover was officially announced, 1931.

December 30

Nobel Prize winner and famous Writer Rupyarit Kipling, Birthday, 1907.
Sri Hanuman Jayanthi
Swanskin gets insurance rights for Electronic Television.

December 31

The actor of Gandhi film, Pen Kingsele Birthday, 1943.
East Indian Company put there steps in India, 1600
Mary Quire gets Nobel Prize for second time, 1911.
Euro Currency came to circulation in 12 European countries, in 2001.
Panama canal rights came back again to Panama, 1999.

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Shuuro said...

I don't know that plants have feeling, i need to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing info.

lakshmi said...

Good work

unknown said...

great.when is urs?
do u remeber ur parents b'day?

gP said...

Interesting updates jeevan. Very informative. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

unknown said...

thanks for your complimets D:-)

Jeevan said...

Shuuro – it’s my pleasure.

Lakshmi – thanks friend

Jeevan said...

Ammu – Thanks, ya, I know my birthday and my parents. Welcome to my world.

GP – Same to you dear. Thanks buddy.

Ammu – No problem