Thursday, December 15, 2005

What happen on December?

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December 15

Sairthaar Vallapaaie Patel memory day
Romania’s King, Nero’s Birthday
Builder of Eiffel Tower, Alexander Kastave Eiffel birthday.
Founder Walt Disney Theme Park, Walt Disney Died in 1966.
Thomas Alva Edison gets protection for Phonographic in 1877.
To Produce Nylon in commercial, 1939.

December 16

India support Bangladesh to beat the War against Pakistan, in 1971.
Founder of Simponi music, Lutvik Von Piithaavan Birthday, 1770.
With the reason of no child, Napoleon diverse his wife Jospin in 1809.

December 17

Founder of different Chemical, Scientist Hempiri davi Birthday, 1778.
Struggle for South American freedom, Simon Bolivar Died, 1830.
In American continent, France gives freedom for 13-colony country’s, 1777.
Pakistan sign with India for ceasefire in 1971.

December 18

Portugal Colony’s Goa, Diu and Damn, joined with India in 1961.
Founder of FM Radio, Edwin Armstrong Birthday, 1890.
My favorite Hollywood Director Steven Spillberk Birthday, 1947.
America brought the rights of Panama Canal in 1903.
America’s first Atomic power station start in shipping port city, 1957.

December 19

Soviet Russian President Leonit Presnaiv Birthday, 1906.
Flight services started in between Moscow and London in 1957.
England and China signed for handover Hong Kong to China in 1997.

December 20

Russian great soldier Peter changed the New Year from September1 as January1 in 1699.
The Canada National railway constructed 50,000km railway line in 1919.

December 21

Russia’s Iron human, Josef Stalin Birthday, 1879
Famous Tennis player Christ Evairit Birthday, 1954
World’s first crossword contest was released in New York’s Vairilit Newspaper in 1923.
World first Full-length Cartoon movie Snow white and the seven towarips released, in 1937.
England announced Except National crime; other crimes should not give death sentence, 1964.


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