Saturday, December 24, 2005

Diamond cake

Diamond Cake
A diamond Christmas cake was on display in Japan. It's one of 17 diamond-related designs in an exhibit called "Diamonds: Nature's Miracle". The Tokyo pastry chef who created the work of art said it took six months to develop the design and one month to actually make the cake. The fruitcake itself is edible — apart from the 223 small diamonds on it. It goes on sale at Christmas. And it could be yours. The asking price? $1.65 million.

Special winter games

Winter games play by Santa's

Santa Clauses from all over the world were in Sweden recently for the annual Santa Winter Games. The games started in the city of Gallivare as a local Christmas event in 2003. But word quickly spread. This year's competition included Santas from seven countries.

More than 50 Santas competed in classic Santa events such as sleigh and reindeer racing, porridge eating and chimney climbing. Last year's winner, a British Santa, had to hand over the coveted title to this year's winner, a Santa from Estonia.

Santa with gifts

Santa's House


expertdabbler said...

jeevan diamond cake..
rate rombo cheapa irukku? aalauku oru dozen vaangi poduvoma? :))

gP said...

Wow, a cool post. Diamond cake uh! What will they think next??

Pandhu said...

wow.. that diamond cake is amazing.
good to look at... but defeats the purpose of being a cake.

A cake is to be eaten, in a carefree manner.

Unknown said...

1.65 million dhaane, PK solra maadhiri aalukku oru dozen vaangiruvom. Mothamaa vaangune bulk discount edhachum undaa?

radiantbear said...

May Lovely,
Happy Times,
Decorate your
Holiday Season,
May Warm, Special
Memories, Brighten your
New Year, May the wonder of
Christmas be with you forever.

Arjuna said...

Wish you a Happy Christmas Jeevan - I am back in London :) - Have updated my blog - do check it regularly from nowonwards :)

Jo said...

Merry Christmas buddy. :-)

Jeevan said...

PK - hum potututa pothu. Happy Merry Christmas.

GP – Thanks friend. Who knows?

Jeevan said...

Reva – yes this cake is very dangerous. Wish you a Happy X-Mas.

Angel – kuduppanga athavathu discount. Saikuli Satharam taruvanga. Happy Merry X-Mas

Jeevan said...

Nanyaar? – very nice, thanks

Arjuna – Same to you my friend, sure I will check it regularly. Hope u had a nice journey

Jo – Same to you Friend.

Kuntal Joisher said...

Merry christmas and happy holidays dude!

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