Saturday, March 31, 2007

Its Beautiful, both!!

Little love and little wind
Gathering it and going time
Distances are not at all distance
Like the drizzling, sprinkling rain

Without stressing, clinching you
Will go till reaching horizon
Even it dawn, without dawning
Will wait to see your morning

Future will come and batter me
Will stretch its hands and bind me
Little residue inherent fear will push
It touches my gushing fingers and pinches me

Unaware new fragrance
That will blow everywhere
It dissolves and run in it
It’s our lives jungle residing

Without spilling the pearl arrow comes to hand
It will sticks in the heat of my palm
If the rising fondly green parrot arrives
My sanctuary will dislike and pushes it

Why with this memory
With unscratched dreams
Can walk with rubbing shoulder
Will cross with my distance.

This was a beautiful song with sweetness lines and one of my recent favorites. As well it’s a Tamil song in English from the album Pachaikkeli Muthucharam (Green parrot Pearl arrow). I present this post to my best friend, who have a special Sunday this weekend, because he is going to joining with his sweet heart on this Sunday. I wish him a Lovely married life. :)


Shiva said...

An awesome translation Jeevan. I wish your friend too.

balar said...

Good translation.. your poem better than the original tamil lyrics..
good work my dear friend...:)


Balaji S Rajan said...

That was a nice poem for your friend. Jeevan... you have another talent in you i.e, Poet. Have you written any poem in Tamil. Why can't you try your hand.

Kavi said...

That was a nice poem Jeevan ! You make me envious of your ability to take tremendous efforts !

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Simply beautiful! Touching and Lovely!
You have a beautiful soul, Jeevan!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

priya said...

Pretty good translation ther jeev:)) Wish him all the best too...

david santos said...

hi:) Jeevan! Good poem give a nice song and nice roses too. thank tou
have a good week

tulipspeaks said...

ah.. ur fren got married?? congrats and my best wishes to him. :)


krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan,
if you have link to this song
(melody), please...

Keshi said...

awwwwwww so beautiful indeed!


Anonymous said...

Jeevz, beautiful my fav wishes to ur friend:)

smiley said...

wishing ur friend a happy married life and u have dedicated aperfect song for him:)

Syam said...

joining you wishing your friend a happy married life :-)

Deepak said...

wonderful translation Mr.Jeevan. thanks for it. i would request u to please post the meaning for Iyyayyo also from Paruthi Veeran. do keep the work . God Bless u .all the best.