Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Weekend with family

Sweet Sachin

This weekend i had great day with a small get together with my family. My two aunties, cousin sisters, uncles’ kids and with grandpa grandma its a pleasant times for me. Its unexpected that dachu, the little sachin and cos uncle’s kid would present that day and it was the happiest movements in my life. The 7 months old sachin was so sweet and always smiling at me and his little fingers and smooth hair, the soft touch were really welfare.

I adored sachin’s smile, crying face, having Cerelac, his activities. This time dachu had a company with another uncle’s daughter Harshu and they were busy with their prank activites and they too have teasing, fighting each other’s, and dachu being senior she try to control her. Having lunch with family and while sharing some comments, and its me to take the kids a round in my power chair. I was my wishing for my grandpa to come that day; it were few months back I met him before he was in treatment at hospital for cardio attack. I must be blessed to be his grandchild who was an understandable grandpa, and he knows whatever i sense.

Till evening its full of sounds and enjoyments. Even though all left, my sister was staying and we had a cool time in evening by going out in Gilly (my chair) and she was walking beside me and we were talking about the growing buildings and shared our thoughts about how our place would be in coming days. As I was thinking about living in rural sides and future farming, she matches my thought like how I sense about the western hillside villages that we were traveling through Theni, Dindugal districts last year for the first time. Its long time you know we were going out (while walking and talking), I feel like missing my living in this earth when we couldn’t share our movements and times.

On Sunday we were to Injambakam beach the parallel road to VGP Golden beach, a place that was very clam. We took the gilly and I was riding on the roads with two sides of farmhouses with blooming colorful flowers from the big compounds. Somewhere we could hear some different noise of birds from a big farmhouse. I think this weekend was special to me that was being with family and i expecting more special days in the vocation times of cousins.


balar said...

Nice to hear that you had wonderful time with kiddies..Sachin is so cute..

Cricket parkiratha vittacha my dear friend??? :)

take care..

Butterflies said...

Hey jeevan how r u?its been real long time here so hows life the kutiies look real cute!

Kathy said...

aww lovely kids....i luvvvv it! soo cute na ^_~ and seems u really had a wonderful time w/ them... that's cool Jeevan ^_^

have a great week ahead dear!


Unknown said...

Cute kids! And wonderful post. When you talk about Theni, Dinduigal..i can imagine

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a very good weekend. Family is the best All the kids are excellent.

Keshi said...

OMG Sachin just stole my heart!


Shiva said...

Jeevan, that was a nice weekend with kids and family. Hope you will soon get another chance through the hills sides of western ghats.

tulipspeaks said...

OMG!!! the boy is soooooooooo cute!!! awww..


Jeevan said...

Balar – Spending with kids gives a good feel. The little ones smile makes forget the sorrow.
I just know which team is winning and losing through news, that all. Interest went down after India loses. Will try to watch the finals.

Shuba – Hi:) I am doing fine pa, how are u? Nice to see u back in blogging.

Kathy – hum… I have it dear:) all kids are loveably is it! Thanks and have cool weekdays.

Kavi - I went in love with that places esp. Theni sides, are gorgeous with mist covered hills and green fields everywhere… must go their sometimes again and again… :)

Anonymous – Thank you:) I really miss many family together functions!!

Keshi – Ho really;) there is no surprise, because he stole all our hearts!

Shiva – As you wish friend:) Thanks, craving for that chance!

Amutha - :) you are welcome.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
I'm having a little bit hard time last, and I cannot working enough with computer. But I'm very happy visiting your optimistic, sweet story. Your writing is so beautiful that I fell this atmosphere and can see this blessing spring landscape.
What a great weekend with family! I'm sure because You are Great.
Good luck to you!

krystyna said...

I must add that these children are sooo beautiful!!!
Did you take this great pics?

Priya said...

Such an adorable kids ther jeev. Good you had a wonderful time to spend with them.

Marutham said...

OH wow!! Jeevan..U sure have had real fun!!
All the kutties are cute... :)
Another sweet person is missing in the collection of sweet ppl!! Unga photo missing ;)

Sure - nama dosthu kita kamicheengala pona post'a? the one abt her? :)
Keep rocking!! :)
Nice post on a lovely time spent!

Jeevan said...

Krystyna – Wish you to feel well dear:) I am happy that being here it makes u happy! Thanks so much for being with me my friend.
I took some snaps, and mom some… glad u liked it.

Priya – Thank you:)

Marutham – I Showed, she had a big smile on her face:) Thank you for mentioning me as a sweet person, will post mine some time ok. It’s a post on my best times with kutties!

smiley said...

Hope he plays cricket and becomes like Sachin Tendulkar :)

Anonymous said...

wow cutties...he got very cute eyes...n gt a big doubt jeevz...arent they tamils? how come they got non tamil names??